Hello Kitty Valentines for men take over Shibuya!

  • Think Hello Kitty is just for girls? Think again!
    For Valentine’s Day, from February 2 to 22, LUMINE Man will be offering an assortment of gifts from the HELLO KITTY MEN brand!

    hello kitty men1

    HELLO KITTY MEN is a special brand for men created so that guys can also enjoy the magic of Hello Kitty, which celebrated its 40th anniversary last year.

    Come in-store to shop during this promotional period, and you can find special assortments of Tirol Chocolates with HELLO KITTY MEN graphics.
    We recommend that not only our male customers have a look, but that couples & families visit as well!

    hello kitty men2

    hello kitty men3

    hello kitty men4

    Special original shoes, parkas, & jackets have also been created just for this promotion.
    You’ll also get a free novelty business card case with purchase as a terrific bonus!
    These appealing designs are all casually accented with a Hello Kitty ribbon, which adds a unmistakable yet playful touch to these surprisingly fresh designs.

    hello kitty men6

    We’ll also be featuring a special tie-in cafe decorated with Hello Kitty graphics you won’t find anywhere else, plus free limited-edition Hello Kitty coasters for all diners.
    Even the special limited-edition wrapping paper for our take-out crepes features the trademark Hello Kitty ribbon, so please be sure to visit on your next date!

    hello kitty men5

    Cute & stylish—yet cool.
    If you have a chance to visit Japan this Valentine’s Day, why not treat your special guy to a gift from HELLO KITTY MEN?


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