You know it’s summer in Nagoya when···

  • Summer in Japan is one of my favorite times of the year for many reasons. Not only is the weather warm, but there is always something happening which makes life in Japan a bit more exciting.

    These are my favorite things about summer in Japan.

    1. Kakigori

    Kakigori is shaved ice. You can find it all over Japan and shops that have kakigori will have a bright red “水” character written outside their shops. Kakigori flavours are some of the most delicious, my favourite is mango, but the matcha is also very tasty. Cool off with this affordable treat. My favorite place to go is ‘Goto Fruits’ in Ikeshita less than 2 minutes from the station. They have a lovely selection of fresh fruits for your shaved ice topping choices.

    2. Fireworks

    The beginning of summer kicks off the fireworks season. During most weekends firework festivals are held in different cities. Some of these events are local whereas others are more well known, attracting thousands of people. In Aichi, the more popular firework festivals are held at Nagashima spa land, Gamagori and Toyohashi. Each summer, crowds flock to these events to witness the wonderful display of color and sparkle across the night sky.

    3. Festivals

    There always seems to be a festival happening, especially in summer. Whether it’s a local festival or a bigger city wide festival, these “matsuri” are fun for all, mainly for the ambience they create. There are a lot of food vendors, snacks, and beverages to keep you hydrated and fed! Not to mention the brightly colored yukatas and jimbeis that sometimes can look surreal. Some festivals will have a dancing crowd or dance teams performing which is thrilling to watch. Check out

    4. Random sumo wrestlers

    It seems that summer is the best month to see sumo wrestlers outside the ring. You can see them out and about in the city they are training in, dressed in their yukatas and having a good time. Nagoya seems to be a good spot for spotting sumo wrestlers leisurely walking about or hurrying to their destinations in summer, as Aichi holds sumo wrestling matches every July.

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