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  • Japan is famous for being a country with many principles and standards, one of the most methodically rigid processes being job application in Japanese companies. These rules and principles apply to everyone who wants to work at a Japanese company, regardless whether you are foreigner. Knowing the most basic principles is a prerequisite to your success while job-hunting s in Japan.

    One of the principles that we want to mention is your resume (or “rirekisho” in Japanese). A creative Western resume will kick you out right at the screening round. You must prepare a “pure Japanese” rirekisho, which is a must for most Japanese companies. To help you do this, we would like to introduce you to some useful mobile applications which can create your rirekisho in the Japanese standard.

    An app for making the rirekisho photo

    The photo on your rirekisho is really important, because that is the first thing employers see. Whether you can make a good impression on the employers or not really starts from your ID photo on your resume. The following mobile application will help you to “make-up” your ID photo without worrying about the image size or without looking too photo-shopped!

    履歴書カメラ (“Rirekisho camera”)

    This is a completely free app that allows you to capture and print an ID photo for passport, driver license, residence card, rirekisho etc. It only takes a few minutes! You will have a perfectly beautiful ID photo thanks to the function of skin-brightening, removing acne or removing dark circles around your eyes –  and the level of correction is enough so you don’t have to worry that you are abusing these functions too much. After that, you just need to save the photo to your phone and bring it to a convenience store like Seven Eleven to print; it only costs 30 yen !!!

    If you are not wearing a suit or it’s too bothersome to wear one, then use the app「証明写真-履歴書とパスポート写真の制作」 (“Make photo for passport, rirekisho etc.!”)

    In addition to the “wearing” a suit feature, this application can also change the background color. This is an application which is also useful when you have to handle emergency situations like “I have to submit my rirekisho within today, but I don’t have a decent suit!”. Unfortunately, this application is only for iPhone. You can download it here.

    An app for editing a rirekisho

    If you are not confident that you can write a standard rirekisho, let this application help you!

    Rated 4/5 stars on Apple store, レジュメ (resume) is a completely free application that helps you create or edit your rirekisho from A to Z. This is the application developed by Recruit Co., Ltd. – one of the most famous recruiting companies in Japan. Unfortunately, currently this application is only available on iOS.

    If you are using an Android phone then you can take advantage of しごとナビ (Shigoto Navi), a similar app to polish your rirekisho!

    In addition to the above applications related to rirekisho, you can refer to some of the following applications that help you with how to write a job application mail, how to use formal Japanese sentences or answer interview questions from employers.

    An app for writing an email with a rirekisho attached

    就活メール・テンプレ (“Job mail template”) is an app with 19 job mail templates that you just need to copy – paste, fill in information and attach your rirekisho. Instead of having a headache thinking about formal Japanese usage in mail, you can try this app so you can apply for your favorite jobs quickly.

    The application also supports writing emails to register for participation in internship programs or job seminars, it’s very flexible and useful for your reference!


    An app for using formal Japanese during an interview


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    ビジネス用語問題集 (“Business Japanese”) is an application that contains the instruction on how to use formal Japanese phrases and sentences that you need to know. It would be embarrassing if in an interview you used formal Japanese in a wrong way or you didn’t understand what the employer said (because they use formal Japanese!). It would be a big minus for you.

    To avoid that, master formal Japanese as soon as you can. The formal Japanese for business is used not only during job hunting but also in many situations in work and life, especially when you become a full-time employee.

    Download the application here.

    The iOS version has been deleted, so we recommend another app with similar functionality called 外国人のためのビジネス日本語教室 (Business Japanese class). We will update this article if the iOS version is reactivated.

    An app for answering interview questions

    The most prominent application is 必勝!面接徹底対策 (“Winning! Job interview answers”). A total of 100 questions are divided into 10 categories, such as personal PR or reasons for retiring. Unfortunately, the app is only available in an iOS version.

    In addition, the application also has practical questions and answers according to the type of work, such as sales location or system engineer position. Every question from the employer is reviewed and you can find out how employers ask questions through this application. It’s very very useful!

    You can download an application of the same type in an Andoid version here. This app is also quite popular among Japanese people.


    The biggest disadvantage of the applications introduced in this article is that they are all in Japanese and there is no English version. Therefore, foreigners who are not fluent in Japanese will find it difficult to use them. However, “failure is the mother of success”, so don’t let Japanese language become a hurdle in the way you find your ideal job. Wish you successful job interviews soon!