Enoshima: The Amazing Getaway Just an Hour Away From Tokyo

  • Enoshima Island is perhaps one of the most beautiful and worthy sightseeing spots to visit in Japan.

    First of all, it is located near Tokyo (2 hour ride by car or accessible by train from central Shinjuku Odakyu Station), it’s location is really convenient because if you are staying in Tokyo, you will only need one day to visit the place and thus, no need to look for extra accommodations.

    The Beach

    Secondly, the magic of this place is very special. Once you are there, you can enjoy the very long beaches with white sand along the coast, which are most of the time crowded with sunbathers and especially with surfers, as this place is also known to be a surfing spot.

    Then, taking a walk across the bridge, you will get to the main attraction, just off the coast, the small island.

    Enoshima is a historical Island which can be explored on foot, and even by paid escalators.

    Within the island, you can find the famous gorgeous Enoshima shrine, with its many buildings, as well as different restaurants and shops where you can buy everything related to Japanese culture and lifestyle, from traditional goods to delicious local sweets and food.


    Getting to the top of the Island is the real ecstasy. The view is simply breathtaking, and if you have the chance to get there by sunset, you would have the chance to capture a great moment where the mix of the sky, the greenery and the sea colors will take you miles away from Earth. Plus, if you are kind of a lucky person, even views of Mount Fuji can be enjoyed on the clear days.

    Being on the top of the island, you can also have access to nice gardens and observation tower.

    You will surely be amazed at what Enoshima Island has to offer, and you will certainly be wanting to pay another visit again and again.

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