Shock Your Taste Buds with These Unusual M&Ms!

  • “Okuchi de torokete, te ni tokenai”「お口でとろけて、手にとけない」(=”Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.”) The most-liked advertising slogan is popular in Japan, too!

    Whereas M&M’s originated in the US in 1941, it took 40 years to get them to Japan. Once they reached the land of the rising sun, no one could stop Japan from producing limited editions and unusual flavours! Have you ever tried any of those?

    Basic Flavours

    Milk Chocolate and Peanut are the most common and well-known flavours on the market. Almond has become a standard flavour, as well. Another popular flavour that made it to the standards is Crispy.

    Limited editions

    Orange (オレンジ)
    At the end of 2009, M&M’s Orange flavour was sold in Japan.
    Coconut (ココナッツ)

    In 2012, a limited edition of Coconut flavour has been on the market for a year.

    Raspberry (ラズベリー)

    In March 2014 this very-berry flavour reached the market and has been still spotted here and there. Absolutely recommendable!

    Caramel Apple (キャラメルアップル)
    This year, in April 2015, another limited edition flavour has made it into the shelves: Caramel Apple!

    Where to Buy Them

    Irregular flavours are limited editions and usually sold for about half a year to a year. If you are in Japan only for a short period, it might be difficult to get unusual M&M’s, but keep an eye on the sweets section of supermarkets, convenience stores and kiosks, and you might be lucky! And who knows: you might discover even a new flavour! The average price is around ¥108 a pack.

    The Future of M&Ms

    Limited editions are fun and we are still waiting for a few flavours to be introduced. Probably the most anticipated would be Matcha Green Tea flavor! Also, another upcoming flavour is not quite so Japanese, but still yummy: Hazelnut flavoured M&M’s. Let’s hope that one day soon, this dream might come true!

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