Fuchu, Japan’s Horse Racing Capital

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  • Fuchu is a city located in Tokyo area and it has rich history and countless temples, parks and other sightseeing spots. But there is one more thing for which Fuchu is famous. It has one of the largest racecourses in Japan and is unofficially referred to as Japan’s Horse Racing Capital. It is worth paying a visit to this site as a one day trip when you are in Japan.


    Fuchu’s ‘Tokyo Racecourse’ is the home to all high-grade races such as the Japanese Derby, Japan Cup and others. It has one of the largest screens and its infrastructure makes one feel like he/she is in a giant lobby. The screen is called “Fuji View Video Screen” and is the world’s second largest video screen. With a course stretching up to 2,4 km approximately, this is definitely the largest racecourse one could find in Japan, and probably in entire Asia as well. Besides the largest racecourse, it also has a few smaller courses including a dirt course and a jump course. Additional attractions to visit include a horse-viewing tunnel for enthusiasts, a family park, a museum, multiple restaurants and statues.


    The racecourse is full of betting machines at every nook of the stadium. One can place a bet from as low as a few hundreds yen to a maximum of a million yen or sometimes even more. There are different types of betting including combinations such as trifecta, where one would guess the horses that come in first, second and third in the correct order. The reward for guessing a trifecta would be huge as it is considered the most difficult bet amongst all. The other highly rewarding types of horse bets include exacta or perfecta where one guesses correctly only the first and second places. Smaller bets, like guessing a place are generally recommended for beginners to get to know betting before they try trifectas or perfectas.

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