Police Identify Posts Possibly Written By Kyoto Animation’s Arson Suspect

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  • Bulletin board posts mentioning that Kyoto Animation had dropped poster’s manuscript have been linked to Shinji Aoba, the main suspect behind the deadly arson. Police have stated that due to the information contained in the bulletin boards and their language, they think there is a possibility that Aoba was the person who wrote them.

    The Novel

    On July 30, a lawyer representing the animation studio revealed that a man with the same name and address as the Aoba had submitted a novel to the company. However, the novel failed to pass the first screening because it did not meet Kyoto Animation’s quality standards. For that reason, its information was not even shared among employees.

    Additionally, the lawyer stated that there are no links between the novel that was submitted and any of Kyoto Animation’s works. The animation studio is famous for its annual Kyoto Animation prize, which it launched 10 years ago. Through this initiative, professional and amateur writers can submit their works, and the winning ones are published and adapted into animation. Producing anime can be lengthy process, varying depending on the studio and its policies.

    The Bulletin Boards


    #kuroflame Telah dilaporkan bahwa material produksi dan data lainnya ditemukan di server data yang terletak di lantai pertama gedung Studio 1 Kyoto Animation. Daisuke Okeda, pengacara Kyoto Animation telah disewa untuk berkomunikasi kepada publik tentang kebakaran; mengkonfirmasi bahwa semua data di server telah dipulihkan tanpa kerusakan.Server diisolasi di ruang terpisah yang sepenuhnya dikelilingi oleh beton di lantai pertama gedung. Ruangan itu terpisah dari area tangga tempat seorang pria berusia 41 tahun diduga menyalakan api pada tanggal 18 Juli. Oleh karena itu, server dilindungi dari api dan juga dari air yang digunakan dalam upaya pemadaman kebakaran. #anime #animeindo #animeindofyi #otaku #otakuindoneisa #kyotoanimation #kyoani #bangdream #violetevergarden #free

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    The bulletin boards in question mention that the studio had not accepted the author’s manuscript, and that Kyoto Animation had betrayed him. When he was arrested, Aoba shouted that he had set the studio on fire because it had stolen his novel.

    Other posts were more violent, mentioning things like breaking into Kyoto Animation with a bomb. The person behind the posts also mentions that he went to prison in 2012, which matches Aoba’s history since he was arrested in the Kanto region and sent to prison in the same year.

    The police will analyze the novel submitted to the studio and the posts as well as Aoba’s computer and other manuscripts seized from his home in Saitama. The police has already obtained an arrest warrant for Aoba, who is currently hospitalized due to the injuries he sustained during the arson attack.

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