Penetrate the Japanese Pornographic Industry with “The Naked Director” – A Netflix Original Series

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    Japanese pornographic industry is getting bigger and bigger by the time flies, always evolving and exploring new paths. But where does exactly the “modern” pornographic industry as we know take its roots? Due to lots of laws, Japan has developed this industry quite differently from the rest of the world which has brought a certain endemic specificity. And surprisingly, Japanese pornographic industry has a lot to teach us regarding diverse social and cultural aspects.
    Of course, we could have been through all those historical parts via books, but what a better entertaining way to learn more about it than a series? Good news, it exists, and it is called The Naked Director.
    Do not worry, the following article will not contain major spoilers. Also, I would advise you not to watch this series with your family to avoid awkward moments. You are warned!

    What is it?


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    To sum-it up, The Naked Director is a semi-biographical comedy-drama series produced by Netflix, based on the book Zenra Kantoku Muranishi Toru Den by Nobuhiro Motohashi, about the rising of an empire and his emperor: Toru Muranishi.

    Who is Toru Muranishi


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    Before going forward, let’s quickly dive into Toru Muranishi’s background. Born the 9th of September 1948 in Fukushima, he moved in Tokyo after his high school graduation where he became an average employee to sell encyclopedias. He eventually ended up being involved in the entertainment industry which led him to his career as a Japanese Adult Videos Director in the 80’s. Once entered in this world, Toru Muranishi was always more creative, revolutionizing the genre with his brand new documentary style genre of Adult Videos which propelled him to the rank of “Emperor of Porn”.



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    The story takes us back in the 80’s to the time where he was still living an average life as a poor salesman of English encyclopedias. On the edge of being fired because of his inefficient results, his boss gives him a last chance to show his potential by making him team up with the best seller of their company. Then, as a fast learner, he becomes the number one of the firm by breaking all records, living happy days.
    Until the day he comes back home early to find his wife cheating on him.
    Since then, his mindset has changed and leads him to a bar where he will help his future associate Toshi Arai out in a fight.
    Here begins his journey heading to his future kingdom, accompanying by his loyal jack… And more.



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    If you have seen Crow Zero, you will be delighted since the main actor of the Naked Director, incarnating Toru Muranishi is not less than Takayuki Yamada, who played Serizawa. Second good surprise for drama lovers, you will also see Shinnosuke Mitsushima again, who played the role of Megumi Tennoji in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. And on top of that, you will be able to find some other super famous actors along the way like Koyuki or Kimiko Yo.


    The series is beautifully directed and really interesting on several points especially when it comes to be immersed in the Japanese culture, far from our western standards. The Naked Director knows how to perfectly transcribe the emotions and social aspects of a really different society.
    And, for people finding the acting in Asian dramas too cringey, no worries here. The actors are so impressively talented you will devour this series in a blink of an eye.
    Nevertheless, keep it mind most of the elements concerning the characters and the story are fictional. Still, the ways this industry works currently and back in the days and is pretty accurate and will teach you a lot of things. For example, with police and yakuza (Japanese mafia) helping each other, and so on.

    That being said, please sit comfortably in your couch and enjoy the show.