Godzilla Reviews: Godzilla’s Revenge

  • OH!!! MY EYES!!!

    This is surely the worst of all the Godzilla movies. I think that it’s even worse than the 1998 Hollywood version.

    I mean it’s absolutely terrible. It’s awful. It’s atrocious. It’s a total abomination!!! But, it is surprisingly watchable. One of those “so bad it’s good” type of movies.


    Ichiro is a young boy who lives in the middle of Tokyo with his father and mother. Because they are almost always working, he is often home alone. His only friend is a hermit adult toy-maker who lives near him (creepy much?). He is bullied nearly every day by a gang of boys led by a boy named Gabara. Ichiro daydreams of meeting Godzilla and Minya (Godzilla’s son). He talks to Minya (yes, he talks), and find out that Minya is also being bullied by a bigger monster, named Gabara. Godzilla’s father refuses to help his son, who is constantly pummeled by this giant monster. Minya and Ichiro encourage each other to stand-up to their perspective bullies, just in time for Ichiro to interrupt the plans of a pair of bumbling bank robbers.


    Oh, man… This movie is soooo bad! You might have read the synopsis above and might be thinking, “That doesn’t sound too bad. Sure it’s a very different take, but that can be refreshing in a long standing franchise.” While I respect your opinion I must respectfully say, “YOU ARE SOOOO WRONG!!!” Everything about this movie is lazy. Nearly a quarter of the movie is footage from previous Godzilla movies. Now, Godzilla films often reuse footage, they will often reuse shots and for difficult special effect sequences, like explosions. But this movie takes it to a whole new level, entire fight sequences are reused. This movie was made especially for children. So many people give it a pass saying, “it’s just a kids movie” but do you know what else are kids movies? Inside Out, Toy Story, My Neighbor Totoro, The Land Before Time, and any other Pixar or Ghibli movie. So, you don’t get a pass just because you focus on kids. The writing is lazy. The special effects are lazy. The acting is odd. And it has one of the strangest ending you have ever seen. SKIP THIS MOVIE! It’s not worth it. But on the other hand, if you like really bad movies you might get a kick out of it.

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