Hakuza Nihonbashi – A Place Where You Can Eat Gold

  • Nihonbashi is a whole area in Tokyo that takes pride in “Edo Style” shopping. Literally translating into “Japanese Bridge”, it is indeed a bridge connecting old Edo traditions with contemporary style. Hakuza Nihonbashi definitely feels like you are are walking into living history.

    Hakuza Nihonbashi

    The store offers multiple gold products – from skin care and jewelry to foods! You can buy numerous types of cosmetics with gold including lotions and creams, and even 24k gold mask! Gold is believed to firm and moisturize the skin and to reduce wrinkles. The gold powdered chocolate and cookies can be purchased here too and would make great souvenirs!
    The gold itself is said to come from the city of Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. That area has great climate and good water quality and is the nation’s leader in gold leaf production.

    Walk into Golden Universe

    There is a large structure in the center of the store called “Ogon no Tenku” and is believed to represent the feeling of being wrapped in the light of the unlimited “Golden Universe”. It a beautiful circular tower all encased in gold. In fact, it is composed of approximately 16,000 sheets of pure gold/platinum leaves. It was made by artisans trained in restoring national treasures and important cultural pieces. One can even go inside it and look up to see gold leaf “stars” sparkling in the heavens. It is believed that gold is a symbol of eternity and purity and one can definitely feel it’s energy while inside this structure.

    Get lost in this golden paradise

    There are so many things to look at and to experience – from the obligatory jewellery pieces to gold flake infused drinks to lotions with gold dust. There are even chopsticks that sprinkle edible gold unto your plate once split open. There is definitely something for everyone and the shop is must see if in the area.

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