Payment apps in Japan – PayPay, d 払 い, au PAY, R Pay and LINE Pay – What promotion campaigns they offer?

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  • Consumption tax in Japan had increased from 8% to 10% on October 1, 2019, which means all residents of Japan will have to pay 4000 to 6000 yen extra per month for taxes. In order to reduce the burden of spending, the Japanese government launched the campaign for non-cash payment methods called キャッシュレス (Cashless). Specifically, a product can be discounted from 2% to 5% on the price listed at the checkout counter if the buyer uses credit cards, debit cards or e-wallet, payment apps etc.


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    This article will summarize all the promotion campaigns which draw a great deal of the Japanese consumers’ attention, from the widely used payment apps, including PayPay, d払い, au Pay, R Pay and LINE Pay. Settings, registration, as well as linking to bank accounts for payment etc. can be found online with detailed instructions in photos and videos.


    The one-year anniversary campaign of cash-back from 20% ​​to 100% on October 15 had some interruptions due to overload, but still PayPay currently has a significant amount of cooperating stores, supermarkets and restaurants that offer a PayPay payment. The promotion named まちかどペイペイ (MachikadoPayPay) will last until June 2020.

    Promotion campaign (link in Japanese only) Detail
    まちかどペイペイ (Machikado PayPay) Cash back up to 10% of the payment amount to the balance on PayPay
    Cash back 100 yen for payment on CokeON  Cash back 100 yen once per week when a customer buys a product costing more than 100 yen in any vending machine with “CokeON” sign. *You must use the CokeON app to pay with PayPay.
    Cash back 15% Cash back up to 10% of payment amount to the balance on PayPay


    d払い of Docomo

    Although the 20% cash back promotion campaign has already expired, users of d払い (d harai) can expect a new campaign in November 2019 for shopping at drug stores. The dカード, Docomo credit card, also offers great promotions for new cardholders.

    Promotion campaign (link in Japanese only) Detail
    Point back 10% at drug stores  Point back up to 10% of payment amount when customer makes payment by d払い at their cooperating drug stores such as Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Sugi or Cocoa etc.
    Cash back 5%  Cash back 5% of payment amount for any payment made by dカード, from now until March 2020


    au PAY (auペイ)

    Au Smart Pass Premium members (au mobile network users) will receive up to 20% points back. Even if you do not use the au mobile network, you can still use au Pay. With the number of au Pay users already exceeding 6,000,000, au Pay promises to have more campaigns to boost consumption in the future.

    Promotion campaign (link in Japanese only) Detail
    Santarou day Cash back 20% of payment amount when customer makes payment by au Pay at their cooperating stores on the 3rd, 13th and 23rd each month.


    R Pay(楽天ペイ)


    * 楽天ペイ * 招待登録で100ポイント❗ * ★必ずエントリーしてから、お買い物❗ 5%還元の第2段エントリー出ています❗(1/1~対象) * @otoku.suki ↑こちらからプロフに行って、URLから登録へ お進み下さい🙋 * ★アプリに初めてログイン→クレジットカード登録で 100pt❗ (紹介ポイントの付与は、翌月末頃までに付与) * ★楽天ペイアプリで500円以上のご利用で、 100ポイント❗(エントリー必要) (エントリー同月のうちに) * ★楽天ペイでオンライン決算1500円以上のご利用で300ポイント❗ (エントリー必要) (エントリー同月のうちに) 登録後、必ずご自身で詳細をチェックして、 ご利用下さい🙋 * #楽天pay #楽天ペイ #pay #お得活動 #お得情報 #キャッシュレス #スマホ決算 #増税対策 #紹介して下さい

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    With the large number of online stores on the Rakuten site, making payments with R Pay allows users to enjoy reward points for online shopping on Rakuten. From November, Rakuten also plans to give point back 5% for any online transaction at some shopping websites. The list will be extended in the future.

    Promotion campaign (link in Japanese only) Detail
    Point back 5%  Point back of 5% when a customer makes payment at convenience stores or drug stores who cooperate with Rakuten, regardless whether or not they registered for Cashless campaign
    Point back 10% and 5% at Sushiro Point back of 10% for any bill over 1100 yen (tax included) at Sushiro (a chain of conveyor belt sushi restaurants), until November 1, 2019. After that, Rakuten continues  the campaign with Sushiro, but as point back of 5%, with no limited expiry date of the program known so far.
    Anniversary of cooperation between Seven-Eleven & R Pay 150 points back (equivalent to 150 yen) for the first payment that’s more than 711 yen (tax included) in all Seven-Eleven convenience stores. Customers also have the chance to win 10,000 points with this campaign.


    LINE Pay(ラインペイ)

    LINE Pay is probably the easiest app to use because it also has an English version, but their promotions are still in Japanese. LINE points can be used to buy LINE stickers or to exchange into balance for payment. You can also send money to your friends with LINE balance, which is very convenient.

    Promotion campaign (link in Japanese only) Detail
    Cash back up to 12% from 18th Oct  Cash back 10%, plus the ranking point back up to 2%, means that customers can get 12% cash back for all payments made with LINE Pay, from 18th to 31st October 2019
    Cash back 7% Cash back up to 5% from the Cashless campaign of the government, plus the ranking point back up to 2%, means that customers can get 12% cash back for all payments by LINE Pay, with no limited time.

    If you make good use of electronic wallets or payment apps, you can save quite a bit and won’t have to carry a lot of cash around, especially coins which weigh down your wallet. This is also an effective way to learn Japanese by reading the details of the promotional campaigns, so give it a try.

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