Cat Cafe Phenomenon, Bonding With The Fluffy Felines

  • Want to play with cats when you’re stressed out with work or school? Want to spend your time with the fluffy cuddly playful cats while eating in a cafeteria? Then, visit some cat cafes in Japan!

    The phenomenon of Cat Cafes is spreading throughout the whole world. There are so many cat cafes in Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, North America, Europe and the Philippines.

    When did Cat Cafe trend start exactly?


    The very first cat café, “Cat Flower Garden”, was opened in Taipei, Taiwan in 1998. “Cat Flower Garden” became a tourist destination, drawing many visitors from Japan and from all over the world. Only when cat cafés were brought to Japan did they become so popular! One of the shop owners of Cat Cafés in Japan named Norimasa Hanada explains that most Japanese people who live in apartments can’t have pets since the landlords prohibit pets in the apartments. The aim of cat cafes is to lessen the stress of people by bonding with cats!

    Cat Cafes in Japan


    The very first cat café, “Neko no Jikan”, in Japan opened its doors in Osaka in year 2004. While, the very first cat café in Tokyo is “Neko no Mise”. Ever from 2005 Japan has an ever-growing number of cat cafes. What’s good about these cafes is you rarely see expensive pedigreed cats. You’ll have the chance to bond with everyday cats you may see in on a street or in a park.


    To enjoy the company of cats in “Neko no Mise”, you’ll find scattered chairs, sofas and tables provided. The café also plays soft music you can enjoy while playing with the cats.

    You’ll see different kinds of visitors in cat cafes. Some come with their friends to catch up while playing with cats, while others choose to visit with their partners. While to some, this is a way to release stress from school or work as pointed out by Norimasa Hanada.


    The Cat Cafes do require little extra fees since they have to maintain the store and of course, care for the health of the cats. For example, “Neko no Mise” charges 9USD for an hour or 21.50USD for three hours of bonding with the cats.

    What are you waiting for? Visit the nearest Japanese cat cafe now!

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