Gourmet Burger Grand Prix at Roppongi Hills: Treat yourself to a gourmet burger every day!

  • Roppongi Hills is quite well known for shopping and of course gourmet eating. There are multiple world renown restaurants and even a few that have been awarded the prestigious Michelin star awards. Luckily, every summer we the public can also award them our own stars. How so? At the annual summer Roppongi Hills Gourmet Burger Grand Prix. This yearly event has most restaurants competing for the coveted title. There are two categories – the regular menu (or what is normally offered at the establishment during usual business hours) and the special menu (one that is made especially for the competition). The customers get to decide the winner based on the awarding of stars with 5 being the highest.

    The spectrum of burgers from multiple countries is well represented. From France, Germany, Italy to the all-American classic there is something for everyone. It is not limited to the usual beef patties alone. There are hot dog, soft shell crab and even Foie Gras burgers to suit every palate. With over 25+ entries this year one could literally have a different burger for almost every day of the month!

    We have been lucky enough to try a few of the burger offerings. We went to a Spanish tapas type of restaurant and had two for the price of one! It was yummy, but honestly left me wishing to try what the other restaurants had to offer.

    The winners from last year, Rigoletto Bar and Grill and AS Classics Diner, are back with their entries and they would not be a bad starting point for those starting out and confused by the myriad of options. The event starts July 18 and ends August 31 so get on over and start voting.

    Luckily there is also a Kakigori (Japanese shaved ice) pop up in the courtyard of Roppongi Hills that provides a great dessert chaser, especially during the hot summer months. I highly recommend the Sebastian version above (not a cake despite the shape – but yummy shaved ice!) Itadakimasu!


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