Fresh Food and Amazing Nature of Minamichita, Aichi

  • Minamichita is a town located in Chiba district of Aichi prefecture. This area that extends along the seashore has many unique attractions and visitors are provided with different sorts of entertainments. There are some things that we can enjoy in any season in Minamichita!


    Minamichita is a seaside town, and therefore it is famous for its seafood and there are a many small and big shops offering: fresh fish, crabs, prawns etc. Moreover the creatures can still be seen alive in the restaurants where they are used for the dishes. Having some delicious food is a must when visiting this town

    Fruit picking

    Fruit picking is a common activity you can engage in in many parts of Japan. Minamichita area has many farms and fields with both vegetables and fruits, some of which provide seasonal fruit-picking opportunities. There are many strawberry farms in this area and most of them allow fruit-picking. Strawberry picking here is recommended in winter and spring. Apart from that, orange picking is also worth trying while you are here!


    Minamichita’s Hanahiroba is another famous must-see thing. The fields of this area have seasonal flowers. And they all can be enjoyed for a very small entry fee which may differ depending on a season. Summer provides the opportunity to see and enjoy the beauty of extended vast farms filled with sunflowers. Winter adorns the field with yellowish ” anohana”(rapeseed) flowers. In late winter, there is an opportunity to crop some flower stems and the nanohana greens which are edible. During spring, the fields are filled with tulips and other flowers. The various colours adorning these lands in different seasons make it a must-see all year round.

    Barbeque on the beach

    When we reach Minamichita we can see many places with barbeque arrangements and stalls selling fresh barbecue foods. We can buy the products from those stalls, set a barbecue right there and enjoy some great foods. The Shinojima beach is one of the most famous sites in the area where you can have a barbecue by the beach. Summer is the best for this.

    Ebisenbei no sato

    Senbei are the Japanese rice crackers. They are available in various flavours in almost all supermarkets. ‘Ebisenbei’ or ‘Prawn Senbei’ is among the top flavours. Senbei no sato is a big shop that produces and sells great numbers of various senbei. They have many different flavours of sensbei and each type has a box of samples right near it for the customers to try. We can try the samples and choose our favourite ones. They also have a special service for the children. Children can enter the factory for some entrance fee and the staff will assist them in making the senbei. There are machines for shaping the senbei and kids can draw pictures on their sensbei crackers.


    The greatest fish market of Minamichita known as the ” akanahiroba” is situated in Toyohama area. They have live fish kept in tanks from which the customers can select the fish they want to purchase. The vendor will clean it and pack it into special boxes. Some preserved seafood products can also be found in large amounts.

    Even though Minamichita can be visited any time of the year, a summer trip is the best, as you can enjoy the waves and the beach along with a grand barbeque.

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