Educational Exhibition in Saitama: Human Body Adventure

  • Where does poop come from? Answers behind door #2?

    This classic childhood question can be answered in the most ingenious way at Karada no Fushigi Daibouken. Loosely translated to mean “the mysterious great adventure of the body”, it’s the most interactive exhibit I have ever seen geared for children to learn about how the human body operates. You literally enter thru door #2, aka the back door, or thru the anus. One can explore from back to front, most of the human body.

    Conveniently located in the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama City, the exhibit park will be open until August 22nd, 2015. This exhibit is a must see for those looking to answer the aforementioned burning question, among other biological childhood queries.

    Karada no Fushigi Daibouken2

    If looking for something new to do for the weekend with kids, this might be right up your alley. It is quite an interactive theme park made to stimulate children’s interest in biology and anatomy. Accordingly things such as burps, farts, snot and even poops are prominently displayed. The exhibit itself really looks weirdly flesh like and one can even see the inner workings of internal organs as you make your way through the demonstrations.

    Karada no Fushigi Daibouken3

    The whole park itself is the brainchild of TV Tokyo with numerous rides and attractions based on the human body. Part ingenious advertising, somewhat educational, and at the very least a quite entertaining spectacle. There is even a pile of poop that kids can climb on and giant nostrils for everyone to navigate. The Karada no Fushigi Daibouken “adventure” is open daily from 10 AM to 5 PM with the last entry being at 4:40 PM. The tickets are 1600 yen for adults and 900 yen for children. Happy exploring and perhaps some of those pesky childhood questions will finally be answered, if not at least there definitely will be a lot of fun trying to answer them!
    Karada no Fushigi Daibouken Website*Automatic translation