3 Must try foods in Hiroshima

  • When you are in Japan, the first thing that you would like to eat is the so-called “authentic sushi” or try out the countless flavors of mochi or having a go at sashimi, tempura or tonkatsu. But as time passes by, and if you will be in japan for a longer time you will learn that every city has their own specialty, such as Fukuoka having Hakata ramen, Kyoto with its green tea puddings, Osaka for its tasty takoyaki. But how about Hiroshima? Do they have something special to offer? Well, yes they do!
    Here are 3 must-try foods in Hiroshima!


    Okonomiyaki is the pride of Hiroshima, there is even one whole building that houses only okonomiyaki shops at the heart of Hondori. It’s right beside Donquiote. Okonomiyaki is stir fried noodles, with lots of veggies, seafood and sandwiched between two fried eggs as well as drizzled with special okonomiyaki sauce. One of the most popular okonomiyaki restaurants is at Hiroshima station, You have to wait in line but it’s all worth it for 800 yen. I haven’t even been able to finish one round of okonomiyaki from Hiroshima because of its big serving size, believe it or not!


    Kaki/Oyster, is Hiroshima’s seafood special, whether you eat okonomiyaki, soups, curry or hang around in Miyajima, kaki is always in the menu. It’s guaranteed to be fresh. Also around Hondori there are many restaurants that offer unlimited grilled oyster for only 3000 yen. And during weekdays it’s only around 2,000 yen. So if you’re into oysters, Hiroshima is the best place to have it.

    Momiji Manju

    Last but not the least, momiji manju. Momiji manju is a bread filled with grinded beans, they sometimes add green tea or lemon with their beans since Hiroshima is also abundant with lemon. This maple leaf shape bread is very popular as an omiyage, or just something that you can take home to eat for yourself. They have the regular-made, and the deep fried ones, but one thing’s for sure, they are both delicious. They are available in any supermarket and at the omiyage shops in the train station.

    So if you’re in japan or if you will drop by Hiroshima, don’t forget to try these foods. They are very delicious and satisfying. Better yet, try every city’s specialty, you will not only enjoy the experience and the taste but you will also learn a lot from the culture in that certain area.


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