Annual Winter Wonders at Sapporo Snow Festival!

  • Do you live in a tropical country with no snow? Or are you simply fond of snow? Sapporo, a city in Hokkaido, celebrates a snow festival annually. People from all over the Japan and from overseas visit Sapporo to witness the enchanting winter wonderland of Sapporo Festival.

    Why fo there?

    Sapporo Snow Festival is one of Japan’s largest winter events. About two million people visit Sapporo in winter to experience the wonders of snow and ice sculptures in Odori Park, Community Dome Tsudome and on the main street of Susukino. The festival runs for 7 days in February.

    Festival’s origins

    Sapporo Snow Festival’s humble beginnings commenced in 1950 with only having six snow statues sculpted by highschool students in Odori Park. The people of Sapporo were surprised of the outcome since around 50,000 people visited this place to experience their first ever snow festival. Five years later, the Self-Defense Force came into the scene and they made an enormous snow sculpture. This was the first time that the national media covered this festival. When Sapporo hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 1972, the Snow Festival became widely known abroad through the international media.

    Where is it held?

    There are three sites that exhibit these wonderful snow sculptures: Odori, Tsudome and Susukino. The main festival is held in Odori. You will experience a variety of festivities there as you admire the snow sculptures. Tsudome is the second largest site of the snow festival. You can find the snow slides outside Tsudome dome and you can bring your children to the dome for various attractions. Lastly, in Susukino, you can watch the Ice Sculpture Contest and see the Ice Queen.

    How to get to these sites?

    Just take Nanboku Subway Line to get to Odori and Susukino sites. While, Tsudome is reachable by shuttle bus or a 15 minute walk from Sakaemachi station.

    For more information visit:
    Sapporo Snow Festival Official

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