Snap Your Precious Moments with an Instax Mini Camera from Japan

  • Fujifilm Instax cameras or “cheki” (from the English terms “Check it!”) are so popular among the youth in Japan. These wonderful polaroid cameras are also gaining popularity overseas! Many of the girls in Harajuku own this kind of camera.

    The significant point that you should check out in these cameras is the design since the colors define the bright world of Harajuku. It’s available in pastel colors: blue, pink, yellow and of course, white and black for monochrome. Not only the camera body is cute, but also the films that come with it! You can find different designs like Hello Kitty, Rilakuma, and several Disney characters.

    Interesting facts about Instax

    Instax, short term for instant cameras, are made by the Japanese company, Fujifilm ever since the late 1990’s. There are actually two kinds of Instax. We have the original “wide” format with 60mm x 99 mm and “mini” format with 62 mm x 46 mm. The films of Instax Minis are the same size as a credit card. Instax creator, Fujifilm, already sold 2.9 million units of the Instax series for the first 9 months they came out. The boom continued when a South Korean television series used the camera in their show.

    Instax Mini 8

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    Instax Mini 8 is one of the new models of Instax. This camera is “10% smaller than mini 7s in volume ration.” Furthermore, it comes with a real-image finder that shoots clear images. Also, an aperture of 2/3 is added to the “High-key” mode.

    Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

    Instax Mini 90 comes with a classic look. It also has advanced features like a bulb and double exposures that traditional analog cameras offer. This classic camera also has macro mode and high-quality flash.

    Where to buy these cameras in Tokyo?

    Japan has a huge retail store of electronic products called Yodobashi Camera. They sell different kinds of electronic devices. They have several stores in Tokyo located in Shinjuku West, Shinjuku East, Akihabara, Ueno, Kichijouji, Hachiouji, Machida, and Kinshicho.


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