Haneda Edo Festival: Time Slip back to the Edo Period!

  • Have you ever wanted to see what Japanese life was like in the olden days? Would you like to meet and even dance a traditional Japanese Bon Odori with a courtesan or trade lives (temporarily) with a samurai?

    Well, you can do that and a whole lot more at this year’s Haneda Edo Festival!


    If you have ever been to Haneda Airport’s 4th floor, you have probably walked through the Edo-themed EDO MARKET PLACE. Since last summer this festival has been centered around EDO MARKET PLACE, attracting a great number of foreign and local visitors. The festival will be held over 3 days (August 28-30) and is chockfull of events that will entertain visitors of all ages and create an atmosphere of going back in time to the Edo Period.



    Firstly you can excite your senses by going back in time as you enjoy a Courtesan parade, a comedy drama about daily life in Japan’s Edo Period, a performance involving Japanese instruments like the shamisen, well-known as the instrument played by geisha. Also you can participate in the Bon Odori Dance Contest which will be held twice a day. The “number one dancer” will be crowned each time!
    Lastly, you will have the chance to cosplay in kimono and take photos with parasols and other props commonly seen in the Edo Period.



    Also, Haneda Edo Festival is not just limited to EDO MARKET PLACE. If you go one floor up to TOKYO POP TOWN you can really make your Edo dreams come true by making origami, paper lanterns and other Japanese crafts. There is also the chance to play traditional games (some are still played to this day!) such as “ohajikinage,” which is a bit similar to a game of marbles. Also there is “katanuki” which involves using a toothpick to carefully carve out a picture from a piece of ramune, or traditional candy. You can get a sense of satisfaction clearing each level as you are able to carve out pictures that get more detailed and complicated!



    Of course there are also festival foods you can feast on as well as other events such as a Scavenger Hunt which you can enjoy at Haneda Edo Festival! Since the event is not held frequently, don’t miss out on experiencing a slice of life in old Japan!

    Event dates
    -8/28/2015 ~ 8/30/2015

    Haneda Edo Festival


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