Shop til you drop at Shibuya!

  • Japan attracts more than one million tourists every month, and most are visiting at least the capital if not other cities. Besides sightseeing, shopping is a popular activity for tourists, some even coming to Tokyo just to shop. Famous shopping places include Shinjuku, Harajuku and even Akihabara, each area offering different products and stores. However, as you may know, one of the most popular places might be Shibuya, especially among the young crowd.

    There are thousands of stores at Shibuya, and even if you spend days exploring, you will never be able to explore it all. There are small ones, where only one shop assistant works, and there are huge ones, mostly department stores, having several stories, so it could be impossible to see everything. The biggest and most popular places are the following:

    Shibuya 109

    “Ichi-Maru-Kyu”, or “one-oh-nine” is a notorious “mini”-department store, famous for “gal” fashion with relatively small stores inside and loud background music. As for the latest trends, the craziest outfits, you will find them all of them there! At least if you prefer women’s clothing.

    If you are male, you might want to visit “109 men’s”, just 3 minutes away from the original 109.



    This store is a called in Japanese a “雑貨店” (zakka ten), a store selling miscellaneous things, from stationery to cosmetics and everyday commodities. It is a bit hidden, but surely worth a visit. It is connected with the Seibu Department store, which is a luxurious department store, offering haute couture brands and cosmetics, too.



    This is the newest super-building in Shibuya. Connected directly with the newer part of the station, you do not need to leave the station when heading to this building.

    The lower floors have clothes, cosmetics, food stores, whereas the higher floors have restaurants, conference rooms and the highest floor even has office space and a cinema. The view from a highest accessible floor is great too, so do not miss out on visiting this building!


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