Enjoy Japan to the Fullest: Take a Guided Tour

  • Tokyo is the capital of Japan and the most densely populated city on Earth with 36,923,000 people living there when counted in 2010. Tokyo is a city of juxtapositions, with ancient temples next door to cutting-edge technological advances. Tokyo is understandably one of the top destinations for people visiting Japan, as it is not only serviced by two airports, Narita and Haneda, but is also relatively easy to navigate compared to less populated areas. However, although Tokyo has more English signage than other areas it can still be a bit overwhelming to get around if you do not have good Japanese skills or if you are unsure about customs or etiquette. Many tour groups and companies offer stress-free ways of experiencing Tokyo. Here are a few unique tours you can try.

    Robot Restaurant



    Robot Restaurant is a newly opened cabaret restaurant in the Kabukicho area of Tokyo. The construction of this basement restaurant cost 10 billion yen, a staggering cost for somewhere to eat your dinner! Every night there are three hour long shows performed by bikini-clad women. The show involves battles between enormous robots with neon lights and pumping music. At first it can be a little overwhelming to visit Robot Restaurant, from simply booking a table to knowing how to order. To make things simpler, Viator now can book for you and give you a step by step guide of how to enjoy this one of a kind evening.

    To book: Viator Tours

    Robot Restaurant

    Historical Tokyo


    If the neon lights and pumping music of Robot Restaurant are not for you then perhaps experiencing the history of Tokyo is more suitable. Tokyo has been the capital of Japan since it moved from Kyoto hundreds of years ago, and even before Edo was a populated area. This means that there is a lot of history to view. With CityDiscovery you can experience the history of Tokyo stress-free. This tour costs around ¥12,750 and includes a panoramic view from Tokyo Tower, a cruise along the Sumida River and shopping along Nakamise street on the walk to Senso-ji shrine in Asakusa. You will also get the chance to walk around the Imperial Palace gardens and imagine the palace as it was designed to protect the Emperor. This afternoon tour really takes the stress of planning your travel out of the day, you can even be picked up from your hotel!

    To book: City Discovery

    Tsukiji fish market and sushi workshop


    If food is what has brought you to Japan then there is no better way to experience the culinary skill of the Japanese then through sushi. Sushi is an iconic example of Japanese cuisine, the fluffy rice covered by beautiful raw fish dipped in a salty soy sauce, yum! Tsukiji fish market is where the chefs of Japan source their fresh ingredients to produce their sushi. This English guided tour will allow you to witness the hectic nature of Tsukiji fish market, to see the fishermen show their wares and the bidders trying to outdo each other to get the best of the catch. Once you have worked up an appetite in the market you will be taken to meet a sushi master! The master will take you through the steps to producing your own sushi, which you will then eat for your lunch! This is a truly immersive tour into the intricacies of Japanese cuisine.

    To book: City Discovery

    Do not let anxiety or language be a barrier to enjoying Tokyo, to experience something special why not book a tour today?

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