Michelin Starred Restaurants Across Japan do Take-Out during the Pandemic! Where to Order a Special yet Affordable Treat

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  • The COVID-19 pandemic is giving a hard time to all restaurants including Michelin-starred ones in Japan, but even in this difficult situation they are trying various ways to survive. At the same time, a tasty meal is a great comfort for customers, so it’s a win-win.

    It’s usually hard to book a Michelin-starred restaurant, with super popular ones sometimes having a 1-year or longer waiting list! But during the pandemic, some of these high class restaurants have been suddenly left without customers, and started take-out. That means this is a rare chance to have that great Michelin taste at home and at a reasonable price! Of course, minus the exquisite presentation and beauty of the restaurant space. However, the deliciousness is all there.

    Here is a list of several Michelin starred restaurants that offer take-out. Hopefully this modest luxury can spark some joy during the difficult times.

    1.Hokkaido – Osteria YOSHIE

    Their concept “A restaurant at HOME” offers a chef’s various hors d’oeuvres. The various lunch boxes contain all kinds of small delights.

    Takeout Menu

    ◆Season’s hors d’oeuvre with bread

    ▪️for 1(6 dishes) ¥3,000 (including tax)
    ▪️for 2(10 dishes) ¥6,000 (including tax)

    ◆Takeout course dishes (2 types)

    ▪️for 2 ¥6,000 (including tax)
    2 kinds of appetizers (fresh fish and vegetables), pasta or risotto, bread, ganache dessert

    ▪️for 2 ¥8,000(including tax)
    3 kinds of appetizers (fresh fish and vegetables), pasta or risotto, meat dishes, bread, ganache dessert

    Phone number: 011-231-2778 (10:00-24:00)
    Access: 6-minute walk from Sapporo Municipal Subway’s Odori Station, located below the downtown center and Odori Park (the site of the Sapporo Snow festival)

    Website: https://reserve.luxa.jp/shop/detail/703/

    2.Tokyo – Oryori Miyasaka

    This is an authentic Japanese cuisine restaurant and has been ranked in the Micheline guide since 2017. Ordinally it costs over 30,000 yen but during corona pandemic they offer special Saba-sushi (mackerel pressed sushi) at 6,600 yen (including tax).

    Phone number: 03-6805-0058

    Access: 9-minute walk from Omotesando station

    Website: http://www.miya-saka.tokyo/

    3.Aichi – Unagi 4 daime KIKUKAWA

    Usually it costs over 5,000 yen for a Japanese unagi (eel) lunch, but currently we can enjoy their take-out eel dishes from 1,620 yen.

    Japanese eel is in its high season so there’s no reason to miss it out.

    Phone number: 050-3313-1296

    Access: 12-minute walk from Meitetsu Nagoya station

    Website: https://kikukawa.gorp.jp/

    4. Osaka – Yakitori ICHIMATSU

    It’s normally really hard to book this reasonable and delicious Michelin starred restaurant, but now they offer a Yakitori (grilled chicken) with salad and soup at the low price of 2,800 yen.

    Phone number: 06-6346-0112

    Access: 8 minute walk from JR Osaka station

    Website: https://gurunavi.com/en/kdbr400/rst/?sc_cid=r-foreign_en_service&__ngt__=TT10b14c253000ac1e4ae182UJlTlx1rajz3syE_u2QVHl

    5. Kyoto – KOKYU

    Kokyu is one of the most expensive restaurants in Kyoto serving traditional Japanese cuisine reflecting the 4 seasons in Japan. Now they offer a special bento box at 6,600 yen including tax.

    Phone number: 050-3463-5828

    Access: 6 minute walk from Demachi Yanagi station

    Website: https://kdaf000.gorp.jp/

    6. Fukuoka – AIGNON

    Located in Fukuoka, this restaurant is hard to book, especially at dinner time. They now offer nationwide delivery service during the corona period so we can enjoy Micheline star’s cuisine without waiting or going out.

    Some of the dishes on the menu are:

    Shef’s set for 1 person (3,000 yen), for 2 (5,000 yen)
    Grilled pork loin with Porcini sauce (¥1,500)
    Grilled chicken with onion saute (¥1,500)
    Stewed tongue (¥1,500)
    Pate de champagne (¥1,000)
    Foie gras terrine (¥1,000)
    Deer rillettes (¥1,000)
    Gazpacho (¥ 500)
    *excluding tax and delivery fee

    email: aignon-1028@yj8.so-net.ne.jp

    Instagram: @ftossy or @aignon1028

    phone number 092-717-3001

    website https://fb8b200.gorp.jp/

    Now that Japan has completely lifted the state of emergency, things are better but not completely back to normal. Most of the restaurants are now adapting to a new normal like taking guests’ body temperature at the entrance, limiting the number of the guests, and more thoroughly ventilating the room. Still, going through this and ordering something will support these restaurants to keep working, and will be a great treat for you, so give it a try!

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    Feature photos by chuttersnap on Unsplash