6 Japanese Brands’ Cold Face Masks to Help You Survive Japanese Summer Heat

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  • Summer in Japan is hot and humid. Due to global warming, the weather forecast predicts the heat and the humidity might be much more severe this summer, and they have been getting worse year by year. At the same time, we are still battling with the coronavirus, which means obligatory mask wearing. One problem though – masks make your face feel even hotter and damper.

    In Japan, lots of companies are making efforts to develop cooler fabric masks to spend this summer more comfortably while protecting ourselves from the virus. Here are 6 that offer summer heat solutions.

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    From the mega-hit series of AIRism, UNIQLO will launch a summer mask from June 19th 2020. The size ranges from S, M, to L and claims to cover children, women and men’s needs. The mask is washable in the laundry and 1 package has 3 masks for a price of 990 yen. They have only 1 color, white.

    The masks will be sold at the stores in Japan and UNIQLO’s official website. They have a plan to sell it at the overseas stores as well. For the time being, 1 person can only purchase 1 package for each size (3 packages in total) to prevent hoarding.



    Mujirushi Ryohin (MUJI), a Japanese household and consumer goods retail company has produced a washable mask made of 100% organic cotton and they have already sold more than 1 million since last month.

    Their new summer masks will be launched in June, with antimicrobial and deodorant finishing. Lots of users praise them for being comfortable and easy to breathe. According to MUJI’s press release, all their summer masks use the remaining cloth made with 100% organic cotton for making the brand’s T-shirts or pyjamas.

    Available at MUJI shops across Japan

    Galleria International’s hyperspace cold mask

    Galleria International, a Japanese household goods company has launched a hyperspace cold mask made with cool touch fabric, which doesn’t get damp and enables comfort and coolness. They are washable so you can reuse the mask during the scorching summer. What’s more, this multi-functional mask has a PM2.5 filter!

    Their 1st batch of masks have been sold out immediately but their 2nd will be released at the end of June.

    Available at Galleria’s official web shop

    NISHIKAWA’s washable cool mask

    Originally founded in Kyoto, Nishikawa is the largest bedding, towels, and interior goods company in Japan. Unfortunately, their washable cool mask was sold out only 1 day after release at their official website, but it is still available on Amazon.

    Another good news is their masks will be released on June 16th. The reservation reception will be starting from 10:00 AM, so do not miss out this chance to get their high quality and high performing mask.

    Available at Amazon and NISHIKAWA’s official website

    COX from AEON

    AEON group’s apparel brand COX has also launched washable summer masks for adults and kids. The mask contains xylitol, which keeps the cloth at a lower temperature by reacting to sweat or moisture of the breath. With UV protection, this is absolutely the must have item this summer.

    Available at COX online store


    YONEX, the biggest sports goods company in Japan, will start selling a face mask in July. For making this new mask, the company uses specially-developed material made with xylitol, which has been used for professional athletes’ uniforms. With the function of sweat absorption and quick drying, it deodorizes and prevents the spread of viruses. The color variation ranges from black, ice gray, pink to light blue.

    Keep note that the mask will be sold 1) First come, first served at their official website and 2) by lottery. Either way, the sale starts from 12:00 on June 15th.

    For more details, please refer to their official website below.

    Even though lots of companies are giving their best to develop more comfortable face masks, no one can predict how bad the heat will be this summer. If you feel uncomfortable while wearing a mask, do not hesitate to take it off and take a deep breath while keeping a distance from others. make sure you don’t overheat, get a heat-stroke and end up in the hospital.