Breaking News: Tokyo Reports More Than 240 COVID-19 Cases, Its Largest Number Yet

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  • It’s official, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has reported that the daily COVID-19 cases in Japanese capital reached 243 on July 10, 2020, making it the second day in a row where numbers reach more than 200.

    by Martin Danker

    Tokyo has recently seen a spike in cases, with numbers usually reaching the 50s during the last week of June. Specifically, on June 24 the number reached 55, on June 25 it was 48, on June 26 there were 54 cases, then 57 on the 27th, 60 on the 28th, 58 on the 29th, and 54th on the 30th. On July 1, 2020 the number of new confirmed cases reached an alarming 67. After things started to look okay with 75 cases on July 8, Tokyo reported 224 cases on July 9, 2020, which at the time was the highest number the city had ever recorded.

    Most of the new cases have been linked to hostess and host clubs, bars, and other establishments in red-light districts. Most of these establishments and those working there were not covered under the government’s aid to help local businesses.

    Besides the approximately 1/3 of the cases that are coming from these establishments, the government has reported that many people in their 20s have been affected, and that many of them contracted the virus after going to (or working in) restaurants.

    However, nearly 40% of the cases from a few days ago had not been able to be traced, signaling the difficulties the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is having in locating why the virus is being transmitted.

    On July 5, 2020, Governor Koike Yuriko won the gubernatorial elections, thus solidifying her popularity. However, the recent surge in cases could affect the public’s perception as citizens deem the government’s current response as insufficient.

    Officials have stated that there is no desire to declare another state of emergency despite the current numbers being higher than ever before. Officials have also repeatedly stated that the situation is different from before since there are more tests, many affected are people working in the red-light district, and most people infected are in their 20s.

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