JR East Launches 50% Off Campaign for Shinkansen!

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  • East Japan Railway Company, which also known as JR-East, has launched its “Osakini Tokudane Special (50% Off)” campaign. The application can only be done online, and passengers can receive a 50% discount for any Shinkansen bullet train operated by JR East. The boarding period is set to be from August 20 to March 31, 2021 with some exceptions for the Hayabusa and Hakutaka trains with periods from August 20 to September 30.

    If you travel from Tokyo to Morioka on the Hayabusa, it usually costs ¥14,810, but with this campaign it costs only ¥7,400. Traveling from Tokyo to Shinhakodate normally costs ¥17,920, but it will be only ¥8,950. Tokyo to Kanazawa with Kagayaki, ¥14,180 will be ¥7,090. All the ridership tickets and limited express tickets are included.

    Application Period

    The ticket sale starts at 10:00 a.m. one month before your boarding date and it closes at 1:40 a.m. 20 days before the boarding date.
    You can also pre-reserve the ticket 1 week before the ticket sale begins. But in that case, keep in mind that it will be a lottery and you will need to confirm the result on the first day of the ticket sale.

    I tried to book the popular Hayabusa and Komachi, but they were immediately sold out on the first day of the ticket sale. If you want to book for sure, stand in front of your computer at 10:00 a.m. one month before the date on which you wish to travel, or try your luck using the lottery option. If you succeed in booking your onward ticket, do not forget to reserve your return ticket as well!

    Which Shinkansen and Limited Trains Are Part of this Campaign?

    Besides the Shinkansen, some limited trains like the Azusa and Hitachi are also included as part of this campaign. The section and the price are as follows.

    Buying a Ticket – EkiNET Registration

    The first step is to register as a member of EkiNET using a PC or a mobile device.

    1. First, enter your email address

    2. Then, check the receipt you’ll receive by email and click the URL attached. After that, enter your information as follows:

  • User ID: with 4 to 100 characters
  • Password: with 6 to 12 characters and numbers
  • Your name: in Hiragana, Katakana or English
  • Your birthday
  • Your gender
  • Your postal code
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Your credit card information
  • How to Buy a Ticket

    If you have already registered to EkiNet, then it’s time to buy the ticket.

    1. Click the “指定席” – options, which is for reservations.

    2. Choose where you want to travel.

    3. And then, simply reserve your ticket. Do not forget to check the button under “50% off” to ensure you are getting the discount.

    The Go To Travel campaign run by the government is not the only one around offering people great deals to boost domestic tourism. Railway companies are also doing their part to increase demand. The pandemic has not ended yet, but for those who wish to travel this summer and autumn within Japan while also saving money have the option to do so.

    Receiving the Ticket and Cancellation Fees

    Go to the ticket counter of a JR East station, and do not forget to bring your reservation slip.

    If you wish to cancel your reservation, you shouldn’t worry so much about the cancellation fees since you will only have to pay a few dollars as part of the refund fee.

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