5 Easy Ghibli Recipes to Try at Home!

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  • Studio Ghibli’s movie has lots of fantastic dishes, and many fans have been eager to try them.
    However, while most of the famous dishes like Kiki’s herring pie and Spirited Away’s bizarre food Chihiro’s father ate and many fans have failed to replicate are more difficult to prepare, Ghibli’s movies also have simpler dishes one can cook at home without requiring the most meticulous cooking skills.

    In this article, we will share 5 kinds of very “Ghibli dishes” you can make at home. Each one is easy to cook so these quick recipes will help you save time as well. You can try cooking them so you can feel like you are in a scene from one of your favorite Ghibli movies?

    Simple Pancakes – Kiki’s Delivery Service

    When Kiki arrives at her new home, thanks to the help of a bakery’s owner, she cooks her first meal as an independent witch while being observed by her cat mate, Jiji. These simple pancakes can be cooked easily at home, helping you recreate this famous scene!

    All the ingredients are simple and easy to find. If you want a perfect Kiki’s dish, do not forget to add mini tomatoes and sausages, as well as milk and bread as well! Of course, you can also add honey or butter depending on what you feel like eating.

    Salmon Meuniere – Porco Rosso

    The movie Porco Rosso is set in the Adriatic Sea, which is why lots of Italian dishes are featured in the film. Among them, a salmon meuniere Porco eats at a hotel run by Porco’s beloved woman, Madame Gina, is particularly delicious. You can’t miss out the beautiful conversation Porco and Gina have over this meal.

    It has a very chic name but it’s easy to cook. Season a salmon with salt and pepper, sprinkle flour, pan-fry both sides, and put the home-made lemon sauce on it. Lemon peel and Italian parsley are an added bonus! The best thing is that this dish goes so well with white wine!

    Toast with Sunny-Side-Up Eggs – Laputa, Castle in the Sky

    This is incredibly easy: it’s just eggs on a toast. However, this simple recipe makes many people feel a sense of home. In the movie, the always well-prepared Pazu has packed the food they need to survive inside his bag, and he happily shares the toasts with sunny-side-up eggs with Sheeta.

    If your appetite wants something else, you can try it with quail eggs and a baguette. Just spread mayonnaise on a piece of baguette, crack 2 quail eggs on it, and bake it with an oven toaster. Add some parsley in the end to create your masterpiece.

    Ohagi, Sweet Rice Balls – My Neighbour Totoro

    When Satsuki and Mei move to their “ghost house”, Kanta gives them a special welcome gift his grandmother had prepared: Ohagi, sticky rice balls with red bean paste. In this scene, there are 3 different Ohagi flavours, red bean paste, soy powder, and mashed green soybeans. If you have a sweet tooth, Ohagi should be a perfect treat for you.

    Ohagi is especially eaten on special days like Equinoctial Week (when Buddhist services are held). Since moving somewhere new is a special moment that has to be celebrated, Kanta’s grandmother made Ohagi to welcome Kusakabe’s family.

    Siberia Sponge Cake – The Wind Rises

    Jiro is an engineer assigned to develop a beautiful military aircraft using a huge national budget during 1920-1930. In the movie, Jiro tries to give the popular “Siberia” to some hungry children, but they end up rejecting the delicious cake and run away. This scene reflects Jiro’s personality and the poverty of this period.

    This “Siberia” is a Japanese sweet sandwich made with castella sponge cake and sweet bean paste. It goes well with either coffee or black tea.

    Each recipe is easy even for a beginner or amateur. Cooking your homemade Ghibli dishes while watching a Ghibli movie should be a very fun thing to do during a summer weekend.

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