Tokyo Disneyland’s New Attractions – Details and New Photos

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  • Tokyo Disneyland’s new areas and attractions will open on September 28, and people cannot hold their excitement.

    People in Japan had been patiently waiting for the expansion since it was first announced. While the Oriental Land Company, which owns the Tokyo Disney Resort, announced three specific new additions to the park, the Beauty and the Beast expansion was the one that captivated fans and park attendees the most due to its detail.

    Unfortunately, things ended up getting delayed due to the pandemic, but the wait is finally coming to an end on September 28.

    by Martin Danker

    The new attractions make a lot of sense for Tokyo. Beauty and the Beast continues to be one of the most beloved animated movies in Japan; and with $107.9 million on the box office, the 2017 live-action version was the year’s most successful movie in the country.

    As such, it is easy to understand the fervour people are showing. When Tokyo Disneyland surprised guests one week before the official opening by suddenly letting them in just to walk around Belle’s town (with the catch that photos in certain areas were forbidden), Twitter exploded, figuratively of course.

    One of the reasons people went into a frenzy was that the Tokyo Disney Resort is currently limiting the number of guests that can come into the parks. As such, tickets for a specific week become available one month in advance, and weekend tickets tend to sell out very fast. The opening of the new areas means that even more people will try to get Disneyland tickets. As a heads up, Disney’s official website tends to crash each time tickets become available!

    The Tokyo Disney Resort has not announced the specifics yet, but they will be using the parks’ official app to also limit the number of people who can enter the Beauty and the Beast area as they anticipate that most guests will want to rush to that area and spend time there. This might be similar to what Disneyland did with the opening of Galaxy’s Edge.

    The Beauty and the Beast area will have a ride with new animatronic technology that promises to be among the most spectacular attractions Tokyo Disneyland will have.

    And while the Beauty and Beast area, which includes shops, restaurants, a theater, and the aforementioned spectacular ride is the 800-pound gorilla of the new attractions, the other additionals are also garnering a lot of attention.

    Big Hero 6 had a completely different title in Japan, where the movie was simply called “Baymax”. As expected, Japanese audiences fell in love with the adorable character, but neither of Tokyo’s parks had any ride or attraction devoted to him.

    While the Baymax ride is definitely for younger guests, it features songs composed exclusively for the ride!

    What’s more, the Baymax attraction will include a popcorn store called Big Pop! This is incredibly exciting news for everyone who loves to buy Tokyo Disneyland’s famous popcorn. As those who go to the parks know, popcorn is sold at stands that are distributed throughout the park, each one selling a different flavor. However, the Tokyo Disney Resort did not have an actual store solely dedicated to popcorn until now.

    In addition to the Beauty and the Beast and Baymax areas, there will also be a new place where people can greet Minnie Mouse and take pictures with her! As it’s common when taking photos with Disney’s most famous characters, expect long lines here throughout the year.

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