How to Eat SUSHI for FREE in Japan!

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  • Yes, of course it’s legal! It’s a benefit from Japan’s Go To Eat Campaign . A JPY1,000/person (for dinner) or JPY500/person (for lunch) point-back system enables conveyor-belt sushi chain Kura Sushi to be heaven for those who want free sushi.

    Normally, one plate with 2 pieces of sushi costs JPY100 excluding tax. If two people eat sushi for dinner and order 10 plates each, they will end up paying JPY2,000 (excluding tax) and getting JPY2,000 points.

    The great thing is that you can use the points you earned next time you go to the restaurant and you won’t have to pay if the bill is under JPY2,000. But of course, if you spend over JPY1,000(dinner) or JPY500(lunch) including tax, then you can earn the points again.

    Called “Mugen-Kura sushi” (unlimited sushi) liken to its formal name Muten Kura Sushi, people are now fascinated to go for sushi for lunch or dinner virtually free of charge.

    How to make a Reservation

    Step 1: Install app for Kura Sushi Official and EPARK reservation system.

    Kura Sushi Official App:

    App Store or Google Play

    EPARK App:

    App Store or Google Pay

    Step 2: Open the Kura Sushi app and click “Go To Eat Campaign「Go To Eatキャンペーン対象の予約はこちらから」”.

    Step 3: Click “Go To Eat Table booking「Go To Eatテーブル予約」”.

    Step 4: Select your area, choose the branch and select the date and time.

    If your reservation is confirmed, you will get the reservation number.

    NOTE: Reservation system is for a table of 2 or more. You can’t go alone.

    Step 5: Go to Kura Sushi and enjoy sushi. In order to get the points, your bill should be over JPY500 including tax (per person) for lunch, or over JPY1000 including tax (per person) for dinner.

    Step 6: Get the receipt and keep it. It’s a must to get the points.

    How to get the points

    Step 1: Open the Kura Sushi app and click “Go To Eat Campaign「Go To Eatキャンペーン対象の予約はこちらから」”.

    Step 2: Click “Use the points and apply for the points「ポイントの利用・取得申請」”

    Step 3: Click “Earn the points「ポイントをためる」”

    Step 4: Click the camera button at “upload「アップロード」”.

    Step 5: Take a photo of your receipt and upload it. Make sure that the date, number of people, and total amount charged are clearly reflected and that the image is in a vertical position.

    It the status becomes “in the process of application「申請中」”, then it means your application is duly on the process.

    Step 6: Check your application is duly accepted「付与済み」. It’s usually given within 1 hour.

    How to use the points

    Step 1: Make a reservation for a table, go to Kura Sushi and enjoy sushi there

    Step 2: Open the Go To Eat Campaign page before you pay

    Step 3: Click “Use the points and apply for the points「ポイントの利用・取得申請」”

    Step 4: Click “Use the points「ポイントをつかう」”

    Step 5: Select “Kura Sushi” and enter how many points you will use. Then you will get a QR code.

    Step 6: Show it to the Kura Sushi staff and get the discount. Do not forget to get the receipt this time as well.

    The points you earned on EPARK can be used not only at Kura Sushi but also at many other restaurants like Washoku Sato, Cocos, and Yakiniku King, which are all joining the Go To Eat Campaign. Make the most of the point reward campaign and enjoy thinking about what to eat for lunch and dinner!