Housing Security Benefit: Emergency Funds for Foreigners

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  • In the previous article, we introduced the overview of Temporary Loan Emergency Funds and how to apply for them. In this article, we will provide you with information on the Housing Security Benefit.

    Housing Security Benefit for Foreigners

    For those who have difficulties paying rent due to a decrease of income, layoff, or unemployment, the local municipalities will pay rent to the landlords for three (or up to nine) months. If you live in Minato-ward in Tokyo, for example, the maximum amount of benefit and the number of family members is as shown below.

    How to Apply

    Visit the Self-Reliance Support Centers (Jiritsu Soudan Shien Kikan “自立相談支援機関”) in your area with the gollowing documents:

  • ID (Passport, my number card, driver license etc.)
  • Proof of income(payslip of you and your family’s)
  • Copy of you and your family’s bankbook
  • Proof of unemployment or decrease of working opportunities (certificate of departure, work schedule, email announcement of temporary work absence, etc.)
  • Check your nearest Self-Reliance Support Centers . It’s written in Japanese,but you need to select your prefecture and then the city.

    And you need to fill in these” 4 documents . Sadly, as the matter of course, they are written in Japanese so let us show you every necessary form with translation.

    ・Application Form(生活困窮者住居確保給付金支給申請書)

    ・Confirmation Letter(住居確保給付金申請時確認書)

    ・Notice of New Residence(入居予定住宅に関する状況通知書)

    If you don’t live in the home at the moment, ask the new owner of your new residence to fill in Page 1 and Page 2 of this form. Complete Page 3 by yourself.

    ・Notice of the current residence(入居住宅に関する状況通知書)

    If you live in a home right now, ask the owner of your residence to fill in Page 1 of this form. And complete Page 2 by yourself.

    We have introduced the emergency support that foreign people are also eligible for. We hope this guide will be helpful during the pandemic.. Don’t forget that there are more financial support measures . Do not miss the opportunities and don’t forget to apply for them.