The 5 Best Strawberry Buffets in Tokyo – 2021

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  • For everyone who loves Japanese fresh fruits, this long awaited season has finally come. The queen of them, the delicious strawberry, has attracted so many people with its sweet and sour taste, sweet scent, and beautiful appearance. Here we will introduce the latest information about the top strawberry buffets at Japan’s high quality hotels.. If you are a fan of sweets and/or strawberry, you should never miss this opportunity.

    Hilton Tokyo: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Strawberry Buffet

    Located in Shinjuku, Hilton Tokyo’s Marble Lounge has drastically changed its color to the world of Alice in Wonderland. At both lunch and dinner time, you can enjoy more than 20 kinds of strawberry desserts and fresh strawberries, including as much roasted beef as you want.

    Period: December 26 to December 31 2020, January 4 to end of May 2021
    *Between January 1 to 3 2021, a special new year menu will be served
    Lunch Time: 2 hours starting at 11:30~、12:00~、12:30~、14:00~、14:30~、15:00~
    Dinner Time: 2 hours between 6:30~9:00 pm on Monday to Thursday, 6:00~10:30 pm on Friday to Sunday
    Lunch Price: 4,100 yen/2,400 yen (under 12) on weekday, 4,500 yen/2,500 yen on weekend
    Dinner Price: 5,500 yen/3,000 yen on Sunday to Friday, 6,500 yen/3,500 yen on Saturday and National holiday

    For Reservations

    Hotel New Otani: Sandwich and Sweets Presentation – Strawberry

    Located in Yotsuya, Hotel New Otani’s Garden Lounge is a place for the chef’s selected strawberry sweets. In 2019, more than 20,000 guests came to this buffet, and New Otani received many favorable reviews. You should never miss New Otani’s representative sweets, “Amao Strawberry Cake”. Besides sweets, you won’t be able to decide which of the 16 kinds of sandwiches like “Roasted beef and lettuce”, “Brand pork hot dog”, and “Soy meat burger” to eat first.

    Period: December 1 2020 to March 31 2021
    Time: 90 minutes starting from 11:30~ / 12:00~ / 12:30~ / 13:15~ / 13:45~
    Price between December 1 2020 to January 4 2021: 5,000 yen/3,000 yen (under 12) on weekday, 6,000 yen/3,000 yen (under 12) ib weekend
    Price between January 5 2021 to March 31 2021: 5,500 yen/3,500 yen (under 12) on weekday, 6,500 yen/3,500 yen (under 12) on weekend
    For Reservations

    CONRAD TOKYO: Strawberry Hop Sweets Buffet

    Inspired by the American culture of the 1950s, CONRAD offers you pop and sweet desserts of a main colour: red. Using Japanese strawberries, “Strawberry and pistachio mousse”, “Berry tiramisu”, “Caramel latte doughnut”, “Strawberry montblanc”, and many other photogenic desserts will be offered. You should also check the American-like savory, “Strawberry and basil seafood pizza”.

    Period: Friday (Part 1 only), Saturday, Sunday and National Holiday between January 8 and April 30 2021
    Time: 12:00~1:30pm/12:30~2:00pm (Part 1), 2:00~5:30 pm/2:30~4:00pm (Part 2)
    Price: 4,800 yen/2,300 yen (6 to 12)/1,300 yen (3 to 5)
    For Reservations

    Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay: Beauty and the Beast Strawberry Castle

    Inspired by a Disney story “Beauty and the Beast”, Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay’s Harbour View Terrace will be a heaven full of strawberries and beautiful roses. With an image of a luxurious dinner party, bright red strawberry jullets, strawberry soup, strawberry tartlet, and other many elegant desserts will surely catch your heart. Other than desserts, 7 kinds of savory including chicken and pork putty, clam chowder spaghetti, and chicken borscht. Why not spend an elegant time with a view of a rainbow bridge and Tokyo Bay?

    Period: January 9 2021 to May 3 2021
    Time: 11:30~13:30 on weekday, 11:30~13:30 (Part 1), 14:30~16:30(Part 2) and 18:00~20:00 (Part 3) on weekend
    Price: 4,900 yen on weekday, 5,700 yen for Part 1 and Part 2 on weekend, 5,800 yen/7,000 yen/9,000 yen for Part 3 on weekend
    *3,300 yen for a child between 4 to 12
    For Reservations

    WESTIN TOKYO: Strawberry Dessert Buffet

    This weekday only sweets buffet will be held at “The Terrace” of WESTIN TOKYO. During the buffet’s 4-month period,, the menu will be changed monthly and more than 100 kinds of sweets in total will be presented. Besides the ever-popular “Glass sweets”, you will also love the Japanese sweets using Matcha and many baked confectioneries.

    Period: January 6 2021 to April 30 2021 *Weekday only
    Time: ①14:30~17:00 ②14:50~16:50
    Price: ①4,500 yen/2,250 yen (under 12) ②4,200 yen/2,100 yen (under 12)
    For Reservations

    Besides these 5 selected buffets, many hotels in Japan will also have strawberry buffets. This year, the number of the guests allowed to eat is very limited due to the pandemic, so do not forget to book a table in advance so you can enjoy strawberries and satisfy your appetite and sense of beauty.

    *Featured Image by ケンタッキーフライドチキン (kfc_japan) on Instagram