How Are Things at Tokyo Disney Resort During the Pandemic?

  • After a long closure due to the pandemic, Tokyo Disneyland reopened back in September with some new rules and measures that have been positively received. In this article, we will show you how to purchase a ticket and how attractions are operated to prevent the spread of COVID-19 without affecting the parks’ fun..

    How to buy a Ticket

    Currently, you need to reserve a ticket before visiting Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. You can’t buy a ticket at the park now, so without a reserved ticket, you can’t enter these dream wonderlands.

    There are 3 types of tickets for both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea;

    ・1-day Passport (8,200 yen): you can enter the park from 9:00am on weekdays and 8:30 on weekends
    ・Fixed Date and Time Passport (7,700 yen): you can enter from 10:30am
    ・Fixed Date and Time Passport (7,300 yen): you can enter from 12:00am

    Each passport can be booked and purchased online at the official website of Tokyo Disney Resort . Before booking, do not forget to check if there any tickets available using
    their official calendar,which is updated on a daily basis. You need a credit card (single payment) and a printer (A4 size paper) to print out an e-ticket at home, without them you can’t enter the park.

    Lottery: For Some Attractions

    Bringing your e-ticket, and after they check your temperature at the entrance, you can finally enter the dream wonderland! You will be definitely surprised by how limited the number of guests is, and you will be able to walk at your own pace.

    There should have been a huge Christmas Tree in this season, but there were only a couple of small ones at the entrance to prevent lots of people gathering there to take photos.

    Yellow lines to maintain social distancing

    Did you know Tokyo Disneyland has some new attractions that opened in fall? In normal times, there would be a long queue and it would take more than 3 hours to get in. But in these circumstances, there is a lottery system for every new attraction and some of the most popular ones so guests can ride them without waiting so long.

    Lottery target attractions as of December 2020:

    Tokyo Disneyland
    Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast
    The Happy Ride with Baymax
    Character Greetings

    Tokyo DisneySea
    Broadway Music Theatre
    Dockside Stage
    “Saludos Amigos!” Greeting Dock
    Mickey & Friends’ Greeting Trails
    Mermaid Lagoon Theater

    To join a lottery and get a stand-by pass, you need to download Tokyo Disney Resort App . Download the app, scan your passport, and join!

    When I went to the Tokyo Disneyland on a weekend and entered at 8:30am, I won the lottery of the new Beauty and the Beast attraction (which I absolutely thought was the No.1 attraction in Tokyo Disneyland ever!!!) and met Mickey but lost the lottery for the new Big Hero 6 attraction.

    Here we are at Mickey’s house. Believe or not, there was a strict social distance between hero Mickey and us. The hero didn’t wear a mask, though. Miss his kiss and big hug!

    No More Long Queues

    Other than these lottery target attractions, guests usually wait no longer than 30 minutes to ride other attractions, including very popular ones like Space Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain. As a Japanese guest who has been visiting the Tokyo Disney Resort many times since childhood, it was the best and the most comfortable stay because there was no hustle and bustle, and no incredibly long waits like the 120 minute-ones that are usual. Some wise guests combined the Tokyo Disney Resort’s official hotel stay with the Go To Travel Campaign, which enables us to stay a Disney hotel with a 35% discount and a 15% coupon which can be used at restaurants around the resort like the ones inside IKSPIARI.

    If you are a big fan of Disney’s parades and dancers, the experience might be a little disappointing since only the famous characters are there. But besides that, you can ride so many attractions without waiting such a long time. Wear a mask, keep warm, and blow off your stress and worries there.

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