3 Apple Souvenirs from Aomori, Japan’s Apple Capital!

  • Aomori is popular for ferry boats as it is considered a port town at the northernmost part of Honshu. It is also known for Nebuta Matsuri, one of the largest Japanese festivals held in summer. The place is perfect if you’d like to indulge in abundant nature and an ancient atmosphere that can make one feel as if they had traveled back in time . Besides scenic landscapes, it also boasts hot springs, museums, gardens, and parks.

    However, Aomori is renown across Japan for an additional thing: Apples.

    In fact, Aomori accounts for more than half of all the apples harvested in Japan.

    Therefore, what’s the point of going to Aomori and leaving empty-handed when you can buy some delicious souvenirs that properly reflect Aomori’s apple “heart” (we are getting corny, aren’t we?). These three popular souvenirs are unique local products which you can buy for your family and friends back home, particularly those who can’t resist apple-based desserts.

    1. Kininaru Ringo

    Kininaru Ringo is an apple pie pastry that is really crispy on the outside. It is made from real apples that have been drilled from the inside before being marinated in sugar syrup for months. Once the apple becomes soft and sweet. Afterwards, it is wrapped with layers of dough and baked until it becomes crispy and yummy. Each apple is packed individually in a cute little box, which is ideal in case you are bringing it as a souvenir for your loved ones. It is said that even people who are not big fans of apple pies seem to love this dessert!

    Besides, it’s not the typical souvenir that looks cheap. Kininaru Ringu can be enjoyed with some tea or coffee, and you can offer it to guests after a meal.

    2. Apple Snack

    Since Aomori is the biggest producer of apples in Japan, it is very common to find apple-based souvenirs such as the ever-popular Apple Snack. Apple Snack is a by-product of turning a juicy and delicious apple into tasty chips. It is not only popular as a souvenir but also a highly sought product during the holiday season.

    The company that produces Apple Snack is called Apple & Snack, but their product in katakana translates to “Apple Snack”. It’s a simple and catchy name in Japan, though it might not have the same attractive effect on foreigners.

    Apple Snack comes in different packaging colors like red, green, and orange. The red bag (Jonagold) has a standard sweet and sour flavor that everyone can enjoy; the green bag (Orin) is slightly salty; while the orange bag (Fuji) is both slightly sweet and sour.

    3. Asa no Hakkoda

    Asa no Hakkoda is a cheesecake made from fresh eggs. It has a very creamy taste and a smooth texture after biting it because it’s loaded with cheesy goodness. It is light and fluffy, and very satisfying. It has an airy softness which is delightful to eat.

    Asa no Hakkoda comes in several flavors such as Tsugaru apple, green tea, and plain. It’s best preserved in a freezer since the serving suggestion is to take it out and thaw it at room temperature for an hour. This souvenir can only be found in Aomori, so if you happen to be there, you should definitely buy it!

    Of course, there are many more apple-based souvenirs in the Apple Capital of Japan, but you can’t go wrong with any of these three ones.

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