5 New Shopping Landmarks in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area Worth Visiting

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  • Have you checked these 5 landmarks newly opened in 2020?

    The struggle with the coronavirus, the Olympics being postponed…2020 was absolutely a difficult year for everyone. But on the other hand, 2020 was also a year that saw many new symbols in Tokyo and its metropolitan area, giving a new life and new charm to the areas around them. Here we have 5 newly opened facilities in and around Tokyo that we hope you can enjoy in the future!


    Opened in June 2020, NEWoMan YOKOHAMA is a huge shopping complex with a wide range of services like fashion, beauty, and food.
    Among its 115 stores and restaurants, Blue Bottle Coffee from California made its first presence in Yokohama at NEWoMan YOKOHAMA.

    2416MARKET is a local market selling products from Kanagawa. 2416 comes from the square measure of the prefecture. Famous bakeries Le Mitron Pains and CHOCOLATE BANK offer freshly baked bread every morning. From genuine tomato ketchup made from tomatoes grown in the sunny Shonan area, flower honey collected in mandarin orange plantations in the Odawara area, to Kamakura’s famous jam shop Romi-Unie confiture’s Miura strawberry jam, a wide range of local specialities can be purchased in one single place.

    If you are a fan of Japanese traditional sweets using Anko red bean paste, you should drop by Toraya Cafe, which offers a special Anpan produced by Toraya, a traditional sweets factory that originated in Kyoto.

    Besides these shops, NEWoMan YOKOHAMA has a great variety of shops. Feel and experience the new charm of Kanagawa and find a hint to enrich your lifestyle.


    Opened in June 2020, the new shopping center of ENOTOKI, full of Shonan’s nature and cuisine, opened in front of ENOSHIMA AQUARIUM. From fluffy pancakes to a yakiniku restaurant that serves selected A5-ranked Japanese black beef, 8 shops await you so you can stop by while enjoying Shonan beach and the aquarium in Enoshima.

    Founded in Tokyo, Kojimachi Coffee opened its first Kanagawa for the first time here. Feeling the warmth of wood and the sound of the ceiling fans, this is an absolutely authentic seaside cafe. And don’t forget to try the cafe’s souffle pancake. They whisk meringue right after ordering and slowly steam it at low temperatures, bringing you to a fluffy heaven.

    With the theme of “Reading Life”, Tenro-In Shoten bookstore offers books and knowledge. From the latest books to Shonan related ones, all genres can be seen at the entrance. The back side has a cafe and bar space where you can enjoy light meals and craft beer from the Shonan area.

    If you are from England, you may know Hotel Chocolat, which has also just opened a store at ENOTOKI as well. Why not take a lazy walk on the sea shore while sipping hot chocolate?

    TOKYO mizumachi and Sumida River Walk

    Across Asakusa Station and Tokyo Skytree is a newly opened waterside complex named “TOKYO mizumachi” (which means water town), and across Sumida River is the “Sumida River Walk” footbridge. Both opened last spring.

    A famous coffee shop in Omotesando, “Bread, Espresso &” launched its own bakery called “MUUYA”. Using plenty of butter, MUUYA’s rich white bread can be enjoyed in various ways. At lunch time, 6 kinds of sandwiches are served, like rolled Japanese-style omelette sandwich and a mackerel sandwich with marinated red cabbage.

    At DEUS EX MACHINA ASAKUSA, a famous coffee shop from Australia, a red pop and colorful interior with the jaunty rhythm of music makes you feel energized before even having some coffee. At the counter, popular barista Yoshi serves coffee, fresh lemonade, and alcohol. At lunch time, you can enjoy a bountiful of sandwiches, meat doria, fried chicken, and several sweets.

    It doesn’t matter if you plan to sit down and eat or order things to-go, TOKYO mizumachi offers everything one needs depending on their day. Why not go across Sumida River Walk and visit TOKYO Mizumachi while gazing up at Tokyo Skytree?

    TORANOMON HILLS Business Tower

    In June 2020, four levels of Toranomon Hills Business Tower’s (basement floor to the 3rd floor) became part of a shopping complex consisting of 59 shops. Toranomon Hills Station also opened recently, offering direct access to the building.

    Toranomon Yokocho Street on the 3rd floor is a complex of various restaurants. None of the izakaya restaurants there is part of franchise. That means, you can find many hidden gems here. From Takoyaki octopus balls to Thai yakisoba noodle and gyoza dumplings, there are plenty of places to eat and drink.

    A collaboration between NIHONBASHI BREWERY and SUNMAI, the No.1 craft beer brewery in Taiwan, resulted in a beautiful and fashionable craft beer shop. Try their ingenious drinks like strawberry ale, lemon sour ale, and honey rugger in a cute tiger glass.

    Besides these shops, you can find a fish burger cafe named “deli fu cious”, a artistic sweet cafe from Kagurazaka named “ATELIER KOHTA”, “Tacos way” from Los Angeles, Yokohama’s popular sweets shop “Patisserie Pavlov”, and so many top notch cafes and restaurants stand side by side. Toranomon is not only a business district any more since it has become a new place for families and couples to visit.


    Next to amusement park Yomiuri Land, which is famous for its winter illuminations and new attractions, Hana・BIYORI opened in March 2020. Inside of a huge greenhouse, beautiful flower chandeliers hang from the ceiling and the walls are full of colorful flowers.

    From KEIO Yomiuri Land Station on the KEIO Line, a 3-minute ride on a free shuttle bus that runs every 15 minutes takes you to this flower amusement park. The park consists of 4 areas: Soramino Hills, from which you can look under Shinjuku area and Tokyo Skytree, Irodorino Komichi street full of seasonal flowers, the huge greenhouse HANA・BIYORI, and Holy Forest with buddhist treasures and beautiful shrine.

    At the shop Charm, you can enjoy some workshops to hone your craftsmanship skills. With moss and glass, you can make your own terrarium to bring back home.

    Have you ever seen such a beautiful Starbucks?

    If you feel like escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while, HANA・BIYORI should be a place to go next time you are in Tokyo. And don’t forget to bring your camera!

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