No Entry to Japan! Borders Closed Again

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  • With the increasing number of COVID-19 patients in Japan and the coronavirus mutations found overseas, the government decided to shut down the country’s doors again and prohibit entry to foreigners from all countries until the end of the second emergency.

    Since November 1st 2020, the government has allowed business entry from these 11 countries and areas: Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Taiwan, Singapore, Brunei, Korea, and China (without Hong Kong and Macao).

    According to this new measure, with the exception of those who have to attend a family funeral or give birth, foreigners will not be able to enter Japan until the end of January, at the shortest.

    These 11 countries and areas were originally supposed to be exempt from the ban since Prime Minister Suga intended to prohibit the entry to people coming from the countries and areas where the coronavirus mutations had been found. But later on, complaints and worries from the ruling party changed his mind.