Enjoy at Home! – The 5 Best Sweets and Snacks from Lawson

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  • Lawson is one of the Japanese convenience stores that launches a wide variety of new products every month, receiving tremendous praise from those with a sweet tooth. If they feel like treating themselves with some fancy sweets, many of them will drop by Lawson first.

    In this article, we will introduce the latest seasonal sweets and snacks so you can find the charm and deliciousness of Lawson sweets and enrich your tea time at home!

    Pure Apple Tea using 100% Aomori apples

    As you may know, Aomori is where most of Japan’s apples are harvested. With its perfect balance of juiciness, sourness, and sweetness, Aomori’s apples are beloved across Japan. Lawson uses 100 % Aomori apples to make this pure apple tea. More than anything, enjoy the different tastes which range from “sweet” to “sweet and sour”, and finally to “sour” as time passes by.

    Karaage-kun Crystal Salt Flavor

    Do you know the Karaage-kun series and have you tried it yet? No? Then you are missing out! There is a reason Karaage-kun is so popular, and it’s all about its essential deliciousness! In addition to the forever popular regular flavour, this bite-sized, fluffy, and juicy fried chicken has been loved for a long time, and Lawson arranges and launches new flavours every month. This is a perfect choice if you are a bit peckish.

    Dora-Motch “Crunchy Chocolate Chip & Milk”

    Doraemon’s favorite snack, Dorayaki has a new flavour. Dorayaki originally comes with red bean paste, but Lawson’s new Dora-Motch has chocolate and cream in it! With the perfect combination of the soft and sticky bun, crunchy chocolate chips, and creamy milk, it should take chocolate lovers to heaven.

    Sticky Cheese Ball

    Do you prefer cheese with cod roe mayo or with smoked bacon? We know it’s too difficult to choose. Sticky cheese buns and the fragrance of smoked bacon match perfectly, and won’t be able to stop grabbing another piece. If you like the spicy one, cod roe mayo might be a trigger for the need of a refreshing drink! Each pack has 4 pieces, so if you can’t make up your mind, it’s not a bad idea to get both!

    Strawberry Milk Roll Cake

    The strawberry season has come at lastlast! January 15th is strawberry day in Japan, coming from the Japanese pronunciation, 1(ii), 1(ichi), 5(go) = (good strawberry). Besides these fluffy strawberry roll cakes, you can also find strawberry pies with red bean paste and strawberry milk, strawberry and milk puddings, strawberry mille-feuilles with cream puff, strawberry melon pan breads, and… (https://jpninfo.com/14229)…no, I can’t tell you everything. Drop by your nearest Lawson and find the best strawberry sweet for you.

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