How to Find True Love in Japan: The Most Popular Resources in the Country

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  • Working or studying in Japan? We bet you have gained so many anecdotes in that time. However, we all know that people want more than that in life. Friendships and love are some of the things people really want to attain, but they can be difficult to focus on with Japan’s notoriously busy work life. In this article, we will show you 4 common things Japanese people do (especially those in their 20s and 30s) to find boyfriends, girlfriends, and partners.

    Matching App

    If you are shy and find it hard to talk with strangers face-to-face, matching apps are the easiest ways to start talking with someone and allow the relationship to flourish.

    Pairs, Zexy, and Omiai are the biggest 3 matching apps in the country.

    If you register as a free member, you can send a “Like!“ just like on Facebook. If you pay between 2,000 yen and 4,000 yen monthly, you can send messages to whomever you are interested in. Using a good picture and writing a strong self introduction receives more attention. If you find THE ONE after exchanging some messages, it’s time to ask them out on a date!

    Aiseki Cafe and Bar

    Aiseki means “sharing a table” where you find a date. From a cozy and stylish cafe to an Izakaya (Japanese style bar), Aiseki is a perfect place for you to find a new friend to eat and drink with.
    The good news for women is that, for them, drinks and meals are free or charge! Men will pay the fee but the lump sum is about 2,500 yen per hour.

    All guests need to show a form of identification at the entrance, so it’s really safe. You can change your seat anytime so do not miss the opportunity to exchange information with someone you are interested in.

    Konkatsu Party

    If you feel like you want a higher possibility of finding a match while getting to know as many people as possible, a Konkatsu Party is the answer. Konkatsu means an action to find a match and get married. All the guests join the party for the same purpose and enjoy free conversations with many people. A good first impression is everything at the party, so if you are talkative and like getting to know many new people, you can surely enjoy this opportunity.

    Many agencies like Rich Party, a’ccu, and e-venz hold varieties of party from “male is a doctor”, “male is a public officer”, “re-marriage”, “1 on 1 meeting” and etc. The party is likely to be held on a weekend. If you are hesitant to chat with so many people at once, Konkatsu Party is good for you since you can talk more deeply with a small number of the guests.

    Marriage Agency (Kekkon Sodan Jo)

    If your main goal is to get married, this is the place to go. Each agency like ZWEI , La La Story, and O-netprovide you with a matching service for an average of around 15,000 yen a month in addition to a 100,000 yen admission fee. While the price does seem steep, these agencies are responsible for around 3,000 marriages per year, which is why people are willing to spend that much.

    If you want to try them out, we hope these places will be the first step to find your “one and only” match in Japan!

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