Will People Receive the 100,000 Yen Benefit Again?: Petitions Start

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  • Special Benefit for JPY 100,000 again?

    For those who live in Japan, you might remember that the Japanese government distributed 100,000 yen to each individualhalf a year ago to compensate for the monetary losses caused by COVID-19, and that we showed you how to apply for it.

    In response to the second state of emergency, which is supposed to last until February 7, people are now asking for a second financial benefit due the prolonged impact of the coronavirus.

    Soon after the online petition was launched last week, more than 72,000 people signed it. Among their voices, one insisted that the compensation and self-restraint requests should be combined, while another one said that saving citizens’ lives and their work was the government’s responsibility.

    On the other hand, regardless of these grassroots voices and calls for help, Minister of Finance Aso declared at a press conference that the government would try to support the restaurants that follow the governmental measures and requests to shorten business hours, and that as of now they have no intention to provide a second lump sum benefit or any additional financial support to low-income groups.