[NEWS] COVID-19 Vaccination Starting in February

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  • The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare disclosed the schedule for the COVID-19 inoculations. According to the source, if the vaccine developed by Pfizer gains approval, the government will start vaccinating 10,000 to 20,000 healthcare workers at the end of February. The next priority will be given to 3.7 million healthcare workers in the middle of March, and 36 million people over the age of 65 at the end of March. After that, the vaccination will be given to those with health issues and proceed sequentially.

    The COVID-19 vaccine requires two doses, and the ministry instructed local governments to establish a system so that all those aged over 65 can receive their first dose within the first 9 weeks after the vaccination efforts start in Japan.

    Vaccines will be distributed in the cities in which people reside, but homeless people or those who moved due to reasons like domestic violence and haven’t registered their new address yet can also apply and get the vaccine where they live.

    On the other hand, local governments’ concern is that it could be difficult to secure the adequate human resources required for the scale of inoculations since healthcare workers like doctors and nurses are already tied up supporting COVID-19 patients.