Mask Problem Renders Student’s Exam Invalid

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  • The National Center Test for University Admissions declared that they had invalidated a student’s score since he had ignored the supervisor’s advice and had worn his mask without covering his nose.

    According to the center, the student was given six alerts with the possibility of invalidation 6 while he took the examination of three subjects, but the student ignored the warnings and kept on wearing his mask incorrectly.

    The National Center Test for University Admissions had stated that, during pandemic, all candidates must wear masks and wear them correctly to prevent infection. For those who have health problems, the center allows them to take the examinations in a separate room, but in this case, the center didn’t receive any application from the applicant requesting that.

    The center explained that the applicant did not show any COVID-19 symptoms and that lowering one’s mask briefly would be okay. The issue was that the applicant ignored the repeated alerts.