5 Super Kawaii Chocolates for Valentine’s Day!

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  • Do you want to buy chocolates for your loved one, for your friends, or for your own? People have several reasons to purchase chocolate on Valentine’s Day in Japan. This year under the struggle with COVID-19, lots of companies and schools are prohibiting exchanging chocolates. But on the other hand, people are paying more attention to gifts for family members and even for themselves (self-indulgence!). From topnotch chocolatiers, extravagant hotels, to famous sweets brands, a lot of varieties of chocolates have been announced so far. In this article, we will introduce especially Kawaii Chocolates which are photogenic and can easily melt hearts!

    Chocolate Box with a Cat and Strawberry Motif – Ladurée Japon

    Ladurée produced the idea of a jardin fraises in a box thanks to a strawberry package and a box featuring a white cat out in the box that also contains a lovely dot pattern. The combination of chocolate and sour strawberries makes you feel like spring is just around the corner.

    Inside the box, you will find cat tongues (the cookies, of course), which have 3 flavours: vanilla, strawberry, and cassis. A cute limited design of the box is a perfect choice for your partner or for yourself who loves Kawaii things.

    Valentine’s Limited Rusk-like Jewelry – CAFE OHZAN

    Is it jewelry? No, it’s chocolate! With the inspiration of “the light of illumination”, CAFE OHZAN launched cube rusks, which are too cute and bright to eat. Besides department stores, we can also purchase them online. If buying real jewellery sounds like too much, then why not gifting someone with this chocolate rusk?

    Aroma Ganache – MAISON CACAO

    MAISON CACAO’s “Emotional” series are Aroma ganaches that express “8 emotions” with each of their flavours and artful packages. Each flavour has its own poem and music, which can be downloaded online. With this romantic chocolate, you can express your non-language message for whom you are in love with.

    Cosmetic Chocolate – Tokyo Marriott Hotel

    Is it really edible? Yes, ofcourse! With a cosmetics motif, Tokyo Marriott Hotel produced its Cosmetic Chocolate Collection. From 4 flavours of chocolate that include a strawberry chocolate-like lipstick and a sweet chocolate-like makeup brush, you won’t be able to retrain from shouting, “So Kawaii!!” after receiving them.

    Kanou Shoujuan

    It’s like Japanese art. An authentic Japanese sweets factory Kanou Shoujuan produced chocolate wafers like a Japanese painting by printing motifs of nature and animals. In the old days, Japanese people sent gifts with the meaning of flowers and their colors. Kanou Shoujuan expresses this modest Japanese tradition with the wafers’ printings. Inside the wafer is Japanese chocolate with matcha green tea and kinako soybean flakes. Seeing these chocolates will make you feel like you are at the Japanese art museum.

    Hope this is helpful so you can find the best chocolates of 2021. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    *Featured Image by cafe.ohzan_official on Instagram
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