What Happened to Haruma Miura’s Mother?

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  • On July 18, 2020, the young but matured Japanese actor Haruma Miura passed away. More than a half year has passed since the sad news, but still there are many people missing him.

    Despite his sad passing, Haruma Miura’s movies, dramas, and other works are continuously being shown on the big screen or broadcasted as if he were still alive. One controversial movie is “The Confidence Man JP: Hero Edition 2021” where both Haruma Miura and Yuko Takeuchi, a famous actress who committed suicid shortly after Harum’s death, will share the screen.

    The movie itself is said to use unreleased shots from the previous edition. Fans of both Haruma and Yuko can have their wishes granted since they can see them again in a movie one last time; but on the other hand, there are some negative opinions about this, such as the thought that it’s immoral to make money off of dead people, and that those who have died should be left alone to rest in peace.

    After Haruma’s death, a lot of information about his complicated family was reported every day. His parents had divorced when he was an elementary school student, and Haruma had lived with his mother afterwards. Before entering junior high school, his mother remarried and lived with his stepfather, who was working at a host club as a male companion. While climbing up the complicated ladder of success as an actor, the relationship with his family gradually changed due to money.

    According to his relatives in Ibaraki, where he was born and raised, they don’t know where his mother is now. They even said “she possesses his bones now and is battling her ex husband (Haruma’s real father) to receive a large inheritance.” They also added that, in his childhood, Haruma loved his mother, and that he didn’t go through a rebellious phase; that his mother asked Haruma for money quite often, and that she visited his apartment in Tokyo every Thursday to clean up his room. After a private funeral, his grave is yet to be built.

    According to one TV director who worked with Haruma, he kept on helping his family with his tge money he was making, but his mother and stepfather asked for money through Haruma’s agency without asking him. After that, he stopped being in touch with his parents; and after his mother’s second divorce, he soon unregistered from the family record and chose to be solitude.

    His surfing teacher, whom Haruma respected, remembers a time when he invited Haruma to his home to hot pot. Sitting in a family circle, Haruma said “What? How do you eat this hot pot? Do you share with everybody?”. On another day in 2018, Haruma went to a shrine with him during the New Year holidays and said that going to a shrine with someone over 50 years old sounded like they were a real father and son.” He replied with a joke, “Yup, if I am your father, then you are my eldest son”. The next day, Haruma invited him again to surf together.

    Only 1 month before Haruma’s sad death, he changed his name at his agency from Sasamoto Haruma (his stepfather’s family name) and registered officially as Miura Haruma (real father’s). But still, his mother possesses all of Haruma’s things, and his real father has no opportunity to contact her and even pray in front of Haruma’s tomb.

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