Japan’s Latest Matcha Snacks and Beverages!

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  • Matcha fans, do not miss out on the latest matcha-flavoured snacks and beverages!!!

    As you may know, matcha is a kind of Japanese green tea which was traditionally served at tea ceremonies to welcome and treat special guests. This high quality matcha is now loved worldwide and once you try matcha, you will surely fall in love with it. Matcha tea itself is fabulous, of course, but its subtle bitterness and rich fragrance also make it possible for people to enjoy snacks perfectly combined with matcha. Spring is just around the corner and many companies have launched their latest matcha snacks. Why not view sakura cherry blossoms with some of these snacks? It will surely make everything more enjoyable!

    White DARS with Matcha and Matcha Gateau Chocolat

    Japanese top notch snack maker, Morinaga launched a limited flavour of their long popular chocolate DARS on February 24, 2021. Using high quality Uji Matcha produced in Kyoto, White DARS with Matcha is a chocolate with a perfect harmony between its creamy white chocolate and subtle bitter Uji Matcha.

    On the same day, they also released Matcha Gateau Chocolat. An aromatic Uji Matcha cream is found between rich chocolate cakes, and it’s covered with bitter chocolate. You can enjoy a rich chocolate cake with the fragrance of Uji Matcha, which will surely go perfectly with a cup of coffee.

    Sakura Matcha au lait and Sakura Matcha au lait with Warabi Mochi

    On February 26, 2021, Japanese coffee shop DOUTOR launched its “Sakura fair”. This is a precious opportunity to enjoy the perfect combination of sakura cherry blossom and matcha. Varieties of drinks and snacks using sakura and matcha are on sale at their cafe, making you feel that spring has come.

    Sakura Matcha au lait is a hot sakura and matcha drink that imagines sakuras in full bloom under a beautiful, blue spring sky. Using Uji Matcha and milk as a base, they add whipped cream, sakura sauce, and matcha powder on top of it.

    Sakura Matcha au lait Warabi mochi is an iced drink with a bracken-starch dumpling Warabi mochi inside. With its rich flavour of sakura and matcha, you can also feel the smooth and sticky warabimochi, which is similar to bubble tea. Enjoy this luxuriant sweet drink.

    Besides cold and hot drinks, fabulous sweets like Uji Matcha Mille crêpes and Sakura cherry Castella are also on sale. Why not treat yourself with these spring beverages and snacks at DOUTOR?

    Häagen-Dazs’ Matcha Chocolate cookie

    From Häagen-Dazs Japan’s latest limited Decorations series, “Matcha Chocolate Cookie” will be released on March 23, 2021. The Decorations series are ice creams with special toppings. When they released the Decorations series in 2016 and 2019, each campaign gained lots of praise thanks to the perfect combination of crunchy toppings with the thick and rich ice cream.

    The latest product, Matcha Chocolate Cookie, is a rich-flavoured matcha ice cream with a rich chocolate sauce. They add crunchy matcha and cocoa cookies on it. You will surely be satisfied with this filling ice cream.

    LOOK Matcha Collection

    LOOK, which is a Fujiya chocolate brand, has launched its Matcha Collection. Each package has three different matcha-flavoured chocolates. The first one is “Matcha latte”, using Kyoto Uji Matcha with rich flavoured milk; the second one is “Matcha Macchiato”, with the perfect balance of milk and matcha; and the last one is “Rich Matcha”, with the comfortable bitterness of matcha. Which flavour catches your attention the most? Enjoy eating and comparing each flavour!

    Pocky Rich Deep Matcha

    Of course Glico’s pocky would be on the list! Using two kinds of matcha, Pocky Rich Deep Matcha is a bitter Uji Matcha-flavoured pocky coated with stone milled matcha chocolate. Enjoy the rich and deep flavour, which is enriched by the different kinds of matcha.

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