Japan’s Most Expensive Face Cream

  • When people talk about cosmetics, they might also associate them with certain countries that have become renown for their high-quality products like France, Switzerland, South Korea, and Japan.

    Japanese cosmetics can be found everywhere in the island nation, from the most luxurious department stores to the most affordable convenience stores. Naturally, their quality does vary. You can’t expect the same level of quality from a moisturizer bought at a 100-yen store than one at Isetan.

    One of the most popular Japanese cosmetic brands is Decorté, which is known for their many high-quality products that include the popular Liposome product line of great serums and moisturizers.

    Among Decorté’s many products, their most luxurious one is their AQ Meliority Intensive Cream, which usually retails for 132,000 yen (tax included) for 45 grams.

    The AQ Meliority Multicream is a very unique product since its ingredients come from Yakushima, the mystical island that inspired the setting of Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke thanks to its ancient forest. The face cream has a very loyal fan base who adore the product because of its results and relaxing fragrance that make the simplest skincare routine feel like a visit to the spa.

    In 2021, Decorté and Baccarat made a collaboration to release a limited edition product: the AQ Meliority Intensive Cream in its own Baccarat crystal stand.

    This product celebrates the cream’s 50th anniversary, and it retails for 550,000 yen (tax included). That’s over $5,000 USD. There are only 999 of these Baccarat stands, making the product a must-have for those who want to collect them.

    Of course, the AQ Meliority Intensive Cream itself is not 550,000 yen, but at 132,000 yen it is still among the priciest luxury creams out there.

    Japan is in fact no stranger to expensive cosmetics. The Ginza, Shiseido’s top luxury brand, has a product named The Ginza Essence. The product is supposed to last you six weeks since it’s a six-week treatment, and costs 198,000 yen (tax included). That’s almost $2,000 USD for a product you are supposed to finish in less than two months!

    Whether you can get your hands on one of the 999 special Baccarat + Decorté stands or just splurge in the AQ Meliority Multicream, you can rest assured that you will be treating yours skin to one of the most luxurious face creams in Japan.

    With the Baccarat stand, of course, you can also having a piece from the famous French fine crystal manufacturer that you can use with Decorté’s face creams or with a different one if you want a more affordable product afterwards.

    And while the AQ Meliority Multicream from Decorté and the Ginza Essence from The Ginza are among the most expensive Japanese cosmetics, remember that Decorté and Shiseido have a wide range of other products; not to mention that there are many other Japanese brands out there.

    So tell us, which is your favorite Japanese cosmetics brand?

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