No Vaccine, No Travel Discounts: A Famous Hotelier’s Proposal

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  • During an online session for the press, Yoshiharu Hoshino, the representative of Japan’s popular Hoshino Resorts, stated that, upon its resumption, the Go To Travel campaign should target only those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

    The comments about the vaccine were some among various suggestions Hoshino deemed reasonable, including lowering the benefits of the campaign from 35 percent to 20 percent, and make the offer ineligible during holidays of three days or more.

    However, the government has not been keen to make vaccines mandatory for the campaign. The government launched the Go To Travel campaign in 2020 with hopes to boost the struggling tourism and hospitality industry.

    During the months that it was active, the Go To Travel campaign was very successful, and it was often blamed for the surge of COVID-19 cases during the last months of 2020.

    One of the major problems with Hoshino’s suggestion is that the vaccine rollout in Japan has been very slow, with elderly people being the only people besides healthcare workers eligible to receive the vaccine in some municipalities starting April 12. The government expects that many elderly citizens will have been vaccinated after May, but younger people (and thus those who would be more likely to travel), are not expected to receive the vaccine soon.

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