Have You Ever Dreamed Of “Making Love” Under The Watchful Eye Of Santa Claus?

  • Love hotels can be a great place to have fun with your significant other or with someone you want to hook up with. Love hotels can indeed offer so many things to a wide variety of people, and some can have fantastic themes.

    There is one love hotel, though, that has caught people’s attention due to its very peculiar theme: Christmas.

    The love hotel’s core belief is that it wants to create a place where Christmas can be celebrated every year. Such a pure sentiment sounds reminiscent of a place like Disneyland or Toys R Us, ergo, somewhere kids and families can have a wonderful time no matter the season or time of year; but these hotels are of course for sex, not for families.

    Hotel Chapel Christmas, the love hotel chain in question, offers beautifully decorated, Christmas inspired rooms for couples. What’s more, the love hotels goes an extra mile and provides guests with delectable dishes you could actually find at a family restaurant (though this place is definitely not for families).

    Of course, love hotels in Japan are more than for sex. In Japan, love hotels are also important places for girl parties known as Jyoshikai, where women can have a great time drinking, singing, and getting into hot tubs; in which case, a Christmas-themed love hotel can be a perfect place to spend a wondrous night.

    Hotel Chapel Christmas happens to be conveniently located close to Narita Airport (well, more like close-ish), so if you happen to be transiting at Narita Airport at some point in the future, you can always pop by to check this place.

    One of the most interesting aspects about this quirky love hotel is that it actually has a restaurant with decent food and even goes as far as having a membership program that allows members to get some discounts or special prices. So if you happen to like this love hotel a lot, you can become a member and reap the benefits each time you decide to have a magical night here.

    So, would you like to stay at Hotel Chapel Christmas? Ho-ho-ho!

    *Featured Image by narita_chapel on Twitter