Sapporo’s Most Expensive Apartments

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    When one thinks of the most expensive real estate in Japan, Sapporo would not really be one of the cities that come to people’s minds. Instead, most people would think of the mega cities of Tokyo and Osaka, completely forgetting about Sapporo’s real estate market.

    However, Sapporo has seen new apartment prices rise exponentially. One apartment complex, in particular, has prices that are comparable to those in Tokyo: Prostyle Sapporo Miyanomori.

    Prostyle Sapporo Miyanomori is indeed a very special project for the Hokkaido city. The property is located on a hillside behind Airyama Ryokichi Park and enjoys panoramic views of the city. To make things more interesting, the apartments were designed by renowned architect Kuma Kengo, so living in one of these apartments would also mean getting to live in a property designed by one of the most famous architects in the world.

    The complex has only 20 apartments, the smallest ones being 126 square meters and the biggest ones 176 (1,356 and 1,894 square feet, respectively).

    If you want to purchase the most expensive unit, a three-bedroom apartment located on the third floor, you would would have to pay 390 million yen, which is approximately 3.5 million U.S. dollars; and while a price for an apartment of that size might be nothing for those used to real estate prices in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and London, they are considered quite shocking for Japan and for a city like Sapporo.

    The real estate trend in Japan has indeed become problematic for future generations. While mortages are very generous, apartments are becoming more and more expensive, and available units in cities like Tokyo are dwindling.

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