Harry Potter Christmas in Tokyo

  • Among Tokyo’s many shopping districts, Marunouchi stands out thanks to its quaint appearance despite being Tokyo’s main financial district, being home of Japan’s largest banks. Each Christamas, Marunouchi’s Nada-dori lights up with Christmas lights, and some of the area’s most important commercial buildings erect elaborate and quite innovative Christmas trees with a particular theme. In 2019, all Christmas trees were Star Wars-themed in preparation for the final Star Wars movie: Rise of Skywalker.

    by Martin Danker

    In 2021, the theme will once again be related to a Hollywood franchise that Japanese love: Harry Potter.

    The decorations, which went up in early November, celebrate the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, including the eight beloved original movies and the new Fantastic Beasts series.

    Maru-Biru (Marunouchi Building) has a beautiful atrium where many events take place. Here is where one will be able to find the main Harry Potter Christmas tree, which shows floating presents and moving candles.

    Taking a video of the tree would be a great idea if you want to remember exactly what looking at the tree was like. A photograph simply does not do it justice:

    This is a common thing when it comes to the Christmas trees inside Marunouchi Building. These trees put on a show from time to time, displaying different sounds, effects, and music to entertain the masses that have gathered to do their Christmas shopping or just to enjoy the decorations.

    Over at Oazu Building, home to Maruzen, one of Japan’s most important bookstores, you will find the Fantastic Beast decorations.

    While not as grandiose as the Marunouchi Building decorations, the ones at Oazo always deliver thanks to their attention to detail, often minamalism, and the area’s relative quiteness compared to the foot traffic at Marunouchi Building. That’s not to say that Oazu is not an important commercial building since it certainly is. Simply speaking, Oazu is smaller, mainly being the home of Maruzen while Marunouchi Building has a ton of stores and the big atrium mentioned above. As such, heading to Oazu after Marunouchi Building is often a good way to decompress and have a more peaceful time.

    Over at Marunochi Brick Square, where one can find many restaurants, a flower shop, and Cacao Sampaka’s delicious chocolates, the Harry Potter theme becomes more serene thanks to the Christmas lights adorning the trees and the Harry Potter decorations in the fountain.

    The Christmas decorations are not limited to Marunouchi this time. Walking to the Yaesu side of Tokyo Station will bring you to the newly opened TOKYO TORCH park and TOKYO TORCH Terrace.

    This area is one of the many places in Tokyo being redeveloped, and it’s where TOKYO TORCH, Japan’s tallest building, will be constructed.

    Naturally, there are also many Harry Potter goods you can buy during this festive period, including an impressive collection of merchandise sold at Tully’s.

    As it’s to be expected, there are also many delicious things you can buy, whether you like Harry Potter or not, like elaborate beverages:

    Or delicious meals:

    These are just some of the areas in Marunouchi where one can find Harry Potter Christmas decorations. There are actually seven locations where shoppers and visitors can explore in order to have a very Merry Harry Potter Christmas.

    *Featured Image by narita_chapel on Twitter