Tokyo to Finally Abolish Ridiculous School Rules

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  • Some of the most ridiculous and controversial rules enforced in schools across Tokyo will finally come to an end, or at least an end of sorts, during the 2022 academic year.

    It all began in April 2021, when the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education started investigating rules that were deemed questionable and unnecessary, finding out that these questionable rules were in place in 216 courses.

    The questionable rules include some that have made headlines due to their controversial nature and which have caused fury among masses, including rules that would designate students’ underwear color (what?), the banning of popular “two-block” hairstyles, and the enforcement that all students’ natural hair color must be black and which resulted in schools forcing brown-haired kids to dye their hair black despite brown being their natural hair color.

    Of the six rules brought into question, five will be eliminated everywhere in Tokyo, the only one remaining at 20 courses will be the one asking students with curly hair and with hair colors other than black to show proof that their hair was natural because students and parents, for some reason, requested the rule to remain.

    The rules being removed have brought international attention to their pointless enforcement and creepiness (seriously, why would any school and their teachers care about the kind of underwear their students are wearing?), not to mention the lack of questioning from society to bring those rules to an end that exemplified the Japanese proverb of “the nail that sticks out gets hammered down.”

    While Tokyo is the first place to remove these ridiculous rules, other prefectures are also beginning to question them, indicating a possible move nationwide that would finally bring an issue that should have died many years ago, or quite simply never existed, to its much needed end.