Yamazaki Sherry, Whiskey Bible 2015’s Winner!

  • A home to world’s best whisky is Japan, as it has been declared earlier this year. This is based on a prestigious guidebook known as Whisky Bible. This is a book containing a total of 4,500 detailed, professionally analyzed and easy-to-understand notes on the world’s leading and lesser notable whiskies. Jim Murray is the whisky connoisseur and author of the book. He is a famous English writer and journalist.


    The Victorious Drink!


    Among all the other drinks, it was the Yamazaki Single Malt Shake Cherry that came out victorious with a score of 97.5 out of 100. According to Jim Murray, the Japanese drink has a unique flavor which is powerfully bold and has no equal. Yamazaki distillery is considered to be Japan’s first malt whisky distillery. It was established in 1923 by Shinjro Torii. You can find their building standing between Osaka and Kyoto.

    Japan’s Whisky Reputation

    The reputation of Japanese whisky was initially unfavorable. It was believed that the previous Japanese whisky types were merely molded from the more popular, Scottish whisky. During those days, the country’s audience for the drink was limited. People preferred cheap whiskies mixed with water and soda. In the recent years, Japan’s distilleries tried hard to produce the more authentic whisky for the Japanese consumers.

    Nowadays, Japanese whiskies are given huge recognition and appreciation all throughout the world! It even surpassed the number 1 Scottish whisky. Scotland’s failure to be in top 5 was deemed to be disappointing. However, their failure was considered to be inevitable, especially in a world where all the countries start to produce their own whisky products. Jim Murray, on the other hand, noted that it was the poor quality which led to their defeat. There was something lacking in the blend that he tasted. It lacked complexity and depth which initially was somehow unique to Scottish whisky.

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