8 Superb Views of Hokkaido You Absolutely Must See [Part 2]

  • Due to popularity, we will be introducing some more stunning views of Hokkaido.
    Experience the charm of Hokkaido, where there is plenty of things other than Ramen noodles and Sushi that will satisfy you.

    8 Superb Views of Hokkaido You Absolutely Must See[Part1]

    Mikuni pass @Kamishihorocho

    The Mikuni Pass in Hokkaido has the highest elevation of all the national roads in Japan.
    You can run through the road that goes through the endless forest or view it from the observation deck.
    You can enjoy a drive while being surrounded by nature.

    Japanese notation:三国峠 @上士幌町

    Hakodate mountain @Hakodate

    Counted as one of the 3 major night views of Japan and is even said to be one of the 3 major night views of the world.
    Be entranced by the brightness of the “jewel box” that lies next to Napoli and Hong Kong.
    Recommended for couples and families.

    Japanese notation:函館山 @函館市

    Factory’s Night view cruise @Muroran

    The various pipework that glistens as it is lit up. The industrial complex that appears out of the moonless night looks like a near futuristic world. It is said to even be one of the 5 major industrial night views of Japan.
    The night cruise around the Muroran Harbor at night on a luxury cruiser in particular is popular.

    Japanese notation:工場夜景クルーズ @室蘭市

    Shiretoko five ponds @Shiretoko

    5 lakes found inside the untouched natural forest.
    The mountains, the trees and plant life of Shiretoko are reflected on the water surface and many creatures live in this rich environment.
    A place that lets you feel the four seasons of nature, a spot that you would love to visit when going to Shiretoko.

    Japanese notation:知床五湖 @知床

    Notoro pond’s samphire community @Abashiri

    Lake Notoro is located in the western part of Abashiri. Common Glasswort, which can only be seen in limited areas even in Hokkaido, grows here in clusters.
    Common Glasswort is a species of coral grass that grows in soil containing salt, and when their stems turn red in autumn you can enjoy a landscape that appears as if a crimson red carpet has been laid out.

    Japanese notation:能取湖サンゴ草群落 @網走市

    Ice floe of the Sea of Okhotsk @Abashiri

    The ice floe that occurs in the Sea of Okhotsk is affected by the distant Amur River, and gives you the realisation that the ocean is linked with the world.
    The Ice floe Sightseeing Icebreaker is recommended for enjoying this precious landscape that is seen as only having a limited sightseeing period between late January and mid March.

    Japanese notation:オホーツク海の流氷 @網走市

    Ororon line @Otaru〜Wakkanai

    The massive paved roadway that run straight between Otaru and Wakkanai is known as the Ororon Line.
    Hire a rental car.
    Or bring your own car.
    Or even gallantly with a motorcycle.
    It is a magnificent roadway unique to Hokkaido that everyone who loves driving will envy.

    Japanese notation:オロロンライン @小樽市~稚内市

    Mashu pond @Teshikagacho

    Lake Mashu is a mysterious lake in Teshikage, Hokkaido. It is a strange lake that is said to boast the highest degree of transparency in the world and water level that never changes despite having no rivers linked to the lake.
    There are a number of observation decks around the lake, and the views from there are magnificent.

    Japanese notation:摩周湖 @弟子屈町

    8 Superb Views of Hokkaido You Absolutely Must See[Part1]